Imer IM R 15 DA tracked platform with double articulated boom

Imer has extended its range of tracked platforms. Among the new models is the IM R 15 DA, which has a working height of 15.10 m and double articulated boom with active jib.

The IM R 15 DA offers a maximum payload of 230 kg and single working curve. Its compact dimension, featuring a stabilised machine footprint of 2.92 x 3.08 m, ensures maximum accessibility in any work environment.

The standard set-up provides automatic stabilisation with an electronic inclinometer, resulting in quick and easy positioning of the machine. Hydraulically expandable tracks are also standard, which enable movement on inclined planes and better distribution of the machine weight so as not to damage the ground below.

A notable feature of the IM R 15 DA is its double articulated boom with active jib, making the machine ideal for all construction site conditions. According to Imer, this double-articulation boom design “allows a climbing over height and outreach (up and over) at the top of the category.” The side outreach is 7 m / 230 kg.

Another highlight is the flush-to-wall working capacity from 2.4 m to 4.6 m, which is said to be the highest in the category. Moreover, the articulation height of 7 m enables the machine to easily overcome any obstacles at height. With these features, the IM R 15 DA is suitable for use in construction projects and various other applications such as building maintenance, gardening, and interior maintenance.

The total rotation of the turret (180° + 180° not continuous) and the basket rotation of ± 62° ensure good aerial accessibility and complete positioning of the machine in all conditions. The total weight of the machine is 2,030 kg.

The IM R 15 DA can be powered by a 11-hp Honda GX390 petrol engine (@3,600 rpm) or a 9.9-hp Yanmar L100N diesel engine (@3,600 rpm).

Following the introduction of the IM R 15 DA, Imer plans to showcase its new IM R 23 DA soon, which has a working height of 23 m and also comes with a double articulated boom.

These new double-articulated boom models represent a new generation of tracked platforms from Imer, characterised by low weight, a compact structure and a reduced stabilisation area. In addition, the new design of the boom allows for excellent protection of the hydraulic system, especially of the telescopic section of the boom during operation.