Lead8 masterplans first mixed-use development in Indonesia

Global design firm Lead8 is delivering its first mixed-use development in Indonesia – Bintaro Jaya Xchange. The company’s scope of work covers masterplanning, concept architecture and detailed design.

Located in the Bintaro Jaya CBD within the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area, the development occupies a 25-ha superblock on which the first phase retail is already complete. The second phase broke ground in August 2019 - slated for completion in 2021 - providing an 85,000 sq m retail mall, central park and ‘Oceanarium’ attraction. The final phase will have residential, commercial offices and a four-star hotel.

Featuring a transit-oriented approach, Bintaro Jaya Xchange offers major arterial road connections, direct basement links to a commuter rail station and a pedestrian-friendly network. “The site is one of the most significant in South Tangerang, not only due to its size but the experience it brings to the community. Our design looks to create a multi-dimensional environment for visitors, one which can be explored through many avenues, viewpoints and settings,” explained Simon Chua, co founder and executive director at Lead8.

According to Lead8, the design concept takes reference from the well-known Javan rice terraces, creating a multi-level landscaped environment across the entire development. The approach injects greenery into the public and private areas and allows each of the components to benefit from the natural elements. Anchoring the development is the central park, a spacious green space that enlivens the social and physical offerings of the mixed-use development.

In addition to integrating and capitalising on the central park for recreation and entertainment opportunities, the design strategy aims to maximise circulation across the masterplan and development with connections below-ground, at ground level and above-ground on multiple floors.