‘Pearl of the Orient’: Kai Tak Sports Park completes stadium facade

The Kai Tak Sports Park project in Hong Kong has reached another milestone with the completion of its main stadium facade. Designed with the theme ‘Pearl of the Orient’, the building features a multi-layered facade consisting of approximately 27,000 triangular aluminium panels. The ‘pearlescent’ colours of the facade can change from mountain blue to metallic purple, metallic silver and other colours depending on the brightness of natural daylight.

Throughout the design and construction process, the project team employed various digital technologies for incorporation into a comprehensive building information model (BIM). This model served as a robust platform for data analysis and verification, seamlessly integrating all facets of the exterior facade, including the external structure, dimensions of triangular panels, and other building-related components such as glass wall and LED facade lighting.

With meticulous adjustments and refinements to the actual dimensions and installation positions of the triangular panels, the team managed to reduce the panel quantity from over 47,000 to just 27,000. This was achieved by adhering to the ‘3S’ concept of Standardisation, Simplification and Single Integrated Element during the planning, design and construction process, which aims to enhance efficiency of work execution, minimise the need for extensive field works and ensure effective budget control. As a result of these measures, the installation of the facade panels only took eight months.

Construction work on the project is now nearly 85% complete, according to Kai Tak Sports Park. The major facilities within the precinct are expected to be completed in phases by the end of 2024 for opening in 2025.

Kai Tak Sports Park is currently the largest sports infrastructure project in Hong Kong. Upon completion, this 28-ha complex will comprise a 50,000-seat main stadium with a retractable roof, an indoor sports centre with the flexibility to host community sports and events of up to 10,000 seats, and a public sports ground with a capacity of 5,000 seats. In addition, there will be public open spaces for events and leisure together with retail and harbourfront dining areas.

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