MyCrane teams up with Equip9 on technical and commercial projects, exploring AI technology

Online crane rental platform MyCrane and aggregated digital platform Equip9 have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together on joint technical and commercial projects. This agreement was signed during Excon, South Asia’s largest construction equipment event that took place in Bengaluru, India, on 12-16 December 2023.

MyCrane developed the world’s first online crane rental platform in 2021, helping customers save time and money when they need to hire a crane. Its uniform quotation system enables proposals from suppliers to be easily compared, negating the need to manually contact rental companies.

Based in Pune, India, Equip9 is an AI-enabled start-up that has developed an app for everything related to heavy equipment. With over 30,000 registered users, the app caters to a diverse audience of industry professionals, including operators, mechanics, rental equipment and owners, resellers, virtual dealerships, suppliers, financiers, e-learning and other entities.

MyCrane and Equip9 will work together to advance technical and commercial projects, particularly focusing on how AI can be used to power recommendation and selection models, including those to identify the most appropriate lifting equipment, or rental provider.

Under the MOU, MyCrane will assist Equip9 in expanding its reach beyond India, especially in the Middle East, while Equip9 will help MyCrane increase its penetration in the Indian market. MyCrane announced the launch of its wholly-owned operations in India in September 2023, following the appointment of industry partners Rajiv Waichal and Ganesh M. Patil.

“Both MyCrane and Equip9 share a common interest in ensuring the construction sector reaps the benefits of digitalisation that are present in many other segments,” said Andrei Geikalo, CEO and founder of MyCrane.

“With this agreement, we are establishing a formal basis of collaboration to better assist our customers, providing them with the best digital tools to help them to work more efficiently, while increasing sustainability and reducing waste at the same time.

“By partnering with Equip9, MyCrane will continue to innovate and offer the most advanced technology, and I am particularly excited to explore how AI might be used to match our customers with the most appropriate crane supplier. By joining forces, we will also be able to boost our visibility in a critical market for MyCrane.”

Gaurav Bhushan, founder of Equip9, said, “Collaboration among start-ups cultivates innovation and sustainable growth. A faster search with the Equip9 app and the dedicated crane rental platform of MyCrane will make the construction and heavy equipment business easy.”