New Hamm HD CompactLine rollers for SE Asia, Middle East and Africa

Hamm has updated its product range in the compact roller segment with new models between 1.5 and 4.5 t for markets in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The machines are powered by a Kubota engine that complies with Tier 3 emission standards.

These models include the HD 18 VV, HD 20 VV, HD 30 VV, HD 30 VT, HD 35 VV, HD 35 VT, HD 50 VV and HD 50 VT, with drum widths ranging from 0.8 to 1.38 m. Hamm said all technical features have been tailored to meet the requirements of the respective markets.

The ‘VV’ version consists of rollers with two vibration drums, while those with ‘VT’ have one vibration drum and one set of tyres. Hamm also offers the HD 35 VO and HD 50 VO models, which are available with a vibration and an oscillation drum.

Thanks to the intelligent design of the engine hood, the area in front of the machine is highly visible. Plus, Hamm’s typical ‘wasp waist’ design provides the operator with an unobstructed view of the drums and immediate surroundings.

The three-point articulation is one of the key factors for compaction quality. It ensures not only a uniform weight distribution over both axles, but also enables a very small turning radius along with excellent driving comfort. The low centre of gravity in combination with this three-point articulation makes the HD CompactLine rollers resistant to tipping, even in tight corners.

According to Hamm, the HD CompactLine rollers feature a high static linear load and generate very large centrifugal forces, contributing to a high compaction power. The machines’ large-diameter drums also help to actively prevent the formation of fissures and bulges while promoting high compaction quality.

The HD 18 and HD 20 have a ‘clear side’, meaning that the drums are suspended only on one side in a way that no component protrudes beyond the working width on either side. As a result, they can compact right alongside walls and other boundaries. The drums on the HD 30 and HD 50 can be offset by up to 50 mm. All models come with foldable scrapers as standard. 

The water sprinkling system is another highlight. In the HD CompactLine series, the water undergoes triple filtration with a self-cleaning water filter, a filter on the filler neck and filters before the sprinkling system, so the nozzles and the spray bars are always ready to use. The volume of sprinkled water can be adjusted during compaction via a button on the dashboard, and the operator can also activate continuous water sprinkling with the foot switch.  

Furthermore, the HD CompactLine rollers are easy to operate thanks to their self-explanatory operation and clear display of all important operating data using unambiguous symbols. The HD 18, HD 20, HD 30 and HD 35 can be easily loaded onto small transport vehicles using a central lifting point on the grab handle. 

The new rollers are easy to maintain as well. For example, only one single manual operation is needed to completely drain the water tanks in the rear section, as the central water outlet is positioned at the lowest point on the machine. Other daily checks can also be swiftly dealt with since all maintenance points are placed on one side of the machine under the wide-opening engine hood. They are readily accessible without any tools.