First battery-electric wheeled excavator and wheel loader from Liebherr

Liebherr recently showcased its new battery-powered wheeled excavator and wheel loader – the A 916 E and L 507 E respectively – to the global trade media during the group’s 2023 press tour in Germany on 6-7 November.

Both models deliver zero emissions onsite and a low-noise level, making them ideal for use in inner-city areas and for indoor applications. The performance of these electric machines matches that of their conventional diesel counterparts.

According to Liebherr, the A 916 E wheeled excavator has been available in selected European countries for a few months now, while the L 507 E wheel loader has been offered by the group’s sales partners in several European countries since October 2023.

Although the machines are currently not available in the Asian market, they are the first battery-electric wheeled excavator and wheel loader from Liebherr, as part of its low- and zero-emission product offerings. Undoubtedly, this development also aligns with the group’s direction towards a more sustainable future globally.

A 916 E electric wheeled excavator

The A 916 E is equipped with a 260 kWh battery unit divided into four sections. On the left of the uppercarriage there is a battery with a 130 kWh capacity, while three batteries connected in series with a total output of a further 130 kWh are installed on the right-hand side of the uppercarriage. Depending on the location and application, this electric wheeled excavator can be operated for up to nine hours at a time.

The A 916 E can be charged with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) and has two integrated chargers with a total of 44 kWh. Depending on the power supply, the machine can be charged in around six hours at 400 V and 63 A, for example. A fast charger with a maximum of 120 kW (DC) is also offered as an option.

Liebherr said the electric drive concept for the A 916 E was implemented via a close partnership between the group, its Dutch sales partner Wynmalen & Hausmann, and a company specialising in the electrification of construction machinery.

Except for its electric drive concept, the A 916 E has been designed based on the Liebherr A 916 Litronic standard wheeled excavator. For example, the different undercarriage variants of the A 916 Litronic are available for the A 916 E. The undercarriage structures are robust and, in combination with the firmly welded supports, ensure a secure footing and thus maximum stability in every application. The support and dozer blade as well as the outriggers are also built for tough conditions.

The cab incorporates a folding arm console to provide extra safety for the operator when climbing in and out. Thanks to the large windows, the operator can have a good view of the work area at all times. Other features such as the windscreen wiper for the lower windscreen, generous storage options, an easy-to-clean floor mat and adjustable armrests offer even more comfort in the cab. Depending on the job, various equipment combinations, Liebherr attachment tools and Liebherr quick coupler systems are also available for the A 916 E.

L 507 E electric wheel loader

For the L 507 E, Liebherr has adopted a high-voltage battery system – specially developed for this electric wheel loader – to ensure a powerful performance and efficient charging. The machine has a 32.2 / 64.4 kWh battery capacity.

Depending on the conditions, the L 507 E offers a running time of up to eight hours. Liebherr’s modular battery design also makes it possible to install a second lithium-ion battery to increase the running time. Depending on the on-board charging technology and power rating, the battery can be fully charged in about one and a half to three hours.

The L 507 E has a final speed of 20 km/hr. However, the wheel loader is also optionally available as a ‘Speeder’ and in this version reaches a speed of up to 30 km/hr, which enables the machine to move easily from one jobsite to another. For greater efficiency, the energy generated downhill and during braking is fed back into the battery through recuperation.

Designed based on the conventional Liebherr L 507 Stereo wheel loader, the new L 507 E also features stereo steering. This combination of articulated steering and steered rear axle offers the advantages of conventional articulated steering with those of all-wheel steering, resulting in a minimal turning circle and a reduced articulation angle of 30 degrees, and in turn increasing the stability of the wheel loader. Moreover, Liebherr has installed its articulated pendulum joint in the L 507 E, which compensates for uneven ground and ensures that the wheel loader has excellent stability.

The L 507 E uses the same lift arms as those of the L 507 Stereo. They are fitted with powerful z-bar kinematics, which also work safely in fork operation without manual readjustment. Here, the new electro-hydraulic pilot control of the L 507 E enables highly responsive and precise movements on the lift arms. The fully automatic Likufix quick-coupler system is also available, allowing the operator to change between mechanical and hydraulic attachment tools from the cab quickly at the touch of a button.

The extensive use of glass in the operator cab provides good visibility of the work area. Various setting options as well as operation-relevant data, such as the charge status of the battery, can be found on the height-adjustable display with a touch function. In addition, the operator has the option of adjusting the steering wheel and seat individually as desired.

*Below is a glimpse of the new A 916 E wheeled excavator and L 507 E wheel loader presented during the 2023 Liebherr global press tour.