Ananda Development adopts digital tools to build one of Bangkok’s iconic residential projects

The Ashton Asoke-Rama 9 residential complex in Bangkok, Thailand, stands 50-storeys tall and consists of twin towers, namely Alpha and Omega. Completed in 2021, this landmark building was developed by Ananda Development PCL. It is located in the centre of the city, about 230 m away from MRT Rama 9.

To deliver the project in a more efficient and collaborative manner, with higher quality results, Ananda opted for digital solutions from start to finish. The company recognised two key features that would push it forward: centralised data and consolidated reporting. This created a single source of truth for the project and connected multiple, disparate teams.

Integrating data for better outcome

By using an integrated, core software platform from Procore, all stakeholders from owners to builders to subcontractors, could see updates in real-time and use actionable data insights on this ambitious project.

“Our goal over the past two years has been to develop the professional standards of our contracting teams, and we now have the data to share with contractors to highlight potential improvements,” said Thanit Thanadirek, business digitisation manager at Ananda Development.

With the digital platform, Ananda was able to make informed decisions more frequently, combating the unrelenting pressures on labour and shortages from the supply chain.

Contractors were centrally tracking data in the platform, providing a real-time, transparent view of materials and costs. Using the Procore Correspondence tool, the third-party contractors were also able to create their own forms and collect data, resulting in improved productivity, more reliable forecasting and ultimately, cost improvements.

This was a turning point for contractor buy-in on the Ashton Asoke-Rama 9 development. The business saw a 40% gain in efficiencies while the condominiums were built with control and visibility at every step.

The integration of third-party applications has been pivotal in the meticulous design and construction of Ashton Asoke-Rama 9. By connecting their virtual design and construction (VDC), the design, operations and site teams could make daily strides.

Using data directly from various platform tools and integrating them with its own internal safety database analytics, Ananda ensured that standards were met and incidents were meticulously managed.

“Ananda is well advanced in its digitisation journey to transform its performance in the construction sector, and revolutionise its role in the broader business community. Procore has been a foundational platform for us. Our end-users understand our goal in building with Procore is to achieve better performance outcomes now and into the future,” said Mr Thanadirek.

All images: Procore