Kai Tak Sports Park marks ‘pivotal stage’ in main stadium construction

The Kai Tak Sports Park project in Hong Kong has achieved a significant milestone with the arrival of the final shipment of the retractable roof steel structure. This is said to mark a pivotal stage in the construction of the main stadium.

The specific design of the retractable roof enables the main stadium to host a wide range of mega sports, cultural and entertainment events in all-weather conditions, explained Kai Tak Sports Park. With its heavy steel structural roof featuring stringent acoustic specification, the main stadium will be one of the most effective sound-insulated sports facilities in the world. [Scroll down to watch a video of the project.]

The retractable roof is one of the key features of the Kai Tak Sports Park’s main stadium. The entire roof comprises 15,000 t of structural steel with a main truss span of 180 m, including over 4,800 t of retractable roofing on east and west sides. Using the geographical advantage of facing the harbour, the retractable roof trusses, after fabrication in Zhongshan and Dongguan (in mainland China), were divided into eight components for shipment to Hong Kong.

According to Kai Tak Sports Park, the project team has been utilising various integrated digital technologies, such as building information modelling (BIM) and design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) to visualise the entire construction process in advance. This enhances installation accuracy and efficiency in both design and construction. The team will then proceed with lifting the retractable roof using the ‘hydraulic strand jack lifting system’. This system can greatly increase installation and construction efficiency, work quality and safety.

As the largest sports infrastructure project ever in Hong Kong, Kai Tak Sports Park has adopted advanced construction methods and innovative technologies throughout the design and construction process. The major facilities within the precinct are expected to be completed in phases by the end of 2024.

Upon completion, the 280,000 sq m Kai Tak Sports Park will become a fully integrated sports, leisure and entertainment destination. It is part of the redevelopment on the site of the old Hong Kong International Airport in Kai Tak. The venue features a 50,000-seat main stadium with a retractable roof, an indoor sports centre with the flexibility to accommodate community sports and events of up to 10,000 seats, and a public sports ground with a capacity of 5,000 seats. These facilities will be complemented with extensive public open spaces for events and leisure together with retail and harbourfront dining experiences.

All images and video: Kai Tak Sports Park