New Hamm Tier 3 HC-series soil compactors set to launch

In mid-2023, Hamm will launch new models of its UN ECE R96 (Tier 3)-compatible soil compactors. A total of six models of the HC-series will be introduced, comprising the HC 208 D, HC 208 P, HC 228 D, HC 228 P, HC 268 D and HC 268 P, each with a weight of either 20 t, 22 t, or 26 t.

Manufactured at the Wirtgen factory in China, the new soil compactors have a working width of 2,140 mm and will be available in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. They are suitable for a wide range of stabilisation, earthworks and CBT applications, compacting different types of material.

These new HC-series models combine high compaction quality with easy operation and maintenance. Several optional features are also available, so customers can select machines that match their requirements.

To achieve excellent compaction performance, all new models use a highly efficient Cummins engine with a rated output of 154 kW. The engine complies with the UN ECE R96 (Tier 3) specifications and is fuel-efficient. The innovative cooling system, in which the cooling air is drawn in from behind the operator platform and emitted at the rear, provides an optimised air supply and increases the lifespan of the power packs. It also prevents hot air from reaching the operator platform.

Hamm soil compactors come with an ergonomically designed operator platform, which provides a high degree of comfort as well as all-round visibility that gives an unrestricted view to the rear, the tyres and the surroundings for greater safety on the jobsite. The machines can be optionally equipped with a cabin featuring heating and air conditioning. Alternatively, they are available with a canopy. In both cases, a spacious platform has ample legroom and allows individual adjustment of the seat and steering wheel. A user-friendly operating panel features a clearly designed information display and intuitive operation using international symbols.

Displays for engine RPM and drive speed are standard equipment for the Chinese market. The Hamm compaction meter (HCM) for obtaining quick information on compaction progress can be added optionally. High-power LED working lights are another optional feature, generating enhanced visibility.

A drum drive helps in scaling gradients of up to 61% with confidence, while a three-point articulated joint – which is considered unique on the market – provides outstanding driving and steering characteristics, guaranteeing unsurpassed directional stability and driving comfort. The chassis design ensures homogeneous weight distribution across the drum and the wheels – even at the full steering angle. Moreover, the new soil compactors can effectively absorb impacts, even on rough terrains, and can also handle tilting when driving along curves.

The Hammtronic electronic machine management system is standard in all soil compactors of the HC series, enabling optimised load distribution that leads to tremendous gradeability and low fuel consumption. It adjusts the diesel engine speed to meet the power requirements of the individual drives.

In addition, the efficient Eco mode delivers fuel savings of up to 20% and results in reduced CO2 and noise emissions. The new machines also offer manual traction control to transfer the torque as required. As an option, customers can choose models with a differential gear for even greater traction.

The HC-series compactors produce a consistently high compaction performance, regardless of whether they are equipped with a smooth drum or padfoot drum (‘P’ models). Customers who need both drum types can use the optional padfoot shell kit, consisting of three components. This enables easy conversion of the smooth drum to a padfoot drum, making it ready to compact cohesive soil.

When it comes to maintenance, the new models offer a huge advantage in terms of their engine, since this is freely accessible from all sides. The key points for daily checks are also located on one side of the machine, and the hood opens towards the operator platform via gas springs, all of which make maintenance tasks fast and uncomplicated.