Hong Kong’s Tung Chung Line Extension project breaks ground

Construction work on the Tung Chung Line Extension in Hong Kong has begun, and it is scheduled for completion in 2029. The groundbreaking ceremony for the project took place last week on Thursday (25 May).

The Tung Chung Line Extension will involve construction of two new stations, namely Tung Chung East and Tung Chung West, as well as a new 2.5-km railway section. The project aims to support the Tung Chung new town extension at the Tung Chung East reclamation area and Tung Chung West.

Upon commissioning, it is expected to serve a total of 290,000 existing and future population of the Tung Chung district, linking up the entire railway and public transportation network of North Lantau, and enhancing connectivity within and outside the district, supporting the sustainable growth of the residential and working population in the long-term.

According to MTR Corporation, following the commencement of the Tung Chung Line Extension, construction of other new railway projects – including the Tuen Mun South Extension, Kwu Tung Station on the East Rail Line, and Oyster Bay Station – is also planned to start later this year. In addition, the statutory processes or advance works for the Northern Link Main Line, Hung Shui Kiu Station and Airport Railway Extended Overrun Tunnel have been proceeding progressively.

“With the vision of ‘Go Beyond Boundaries’ for the new railway projects, we are pleased to embark on a new chapter in Hong Kong’s railway development. We will fully support the government to implement the key infrastructure plans by continuously extending the railway network to drive development, create opportunities and build more communities of enhanced liveability through railway extensions,” said Dr Rex Auyeung, chairman of MTR Corporation.

The two major civil contracts for the Tung Chung Line Extension have been awarded. The contract for the Tung Chung West Station and tunnels was awarded to the Bouygues Dragages (1201) Joint Venture, which includes construction of the Tung Chung West Station and a 1.3-km tunnel extending from Tung Chung Station to Tung Chung West Station. The contract for the Tung Chung East Station and associated enabling works for track diversions was awarded to Paul Y – CRCC (TUE 1202) Joint Venture, which includes construction of the Tung Chung East Station and a new 1.2 km of track section between Tung Chung Station and Sunny Bay Station.

MTR Corporation further highlighted that the construction work on Tung Chung Line Extension will cover the work on the operating Tung Chung Line, which brings challenges to the planning and construction period of the project. The company said it will work with different teams to carry out the job in full swing and maintain the railway service of the Tung Chung Line at the same time.

“Throughout the planning, design and construction of the Tung Chung Line Extension project and other new railway projects, the team is keen to explore and adopt new technologies in the project, as well as to include elements of sustainable development to achieve better quality and greater efficiency of works.

”Despite the challenges of carrying out construction works on an operating railway line, we will work collaboratively to move the project forward and extend the railway network with the commitment to provide reliable, efficient and low-carbon railway services to serve more Hong Kong citizens,” said Dr Jacob Kam, CEO of MTR Corporation.

All images: MTR Corporation