Comfort cabin for Wirtgen compact milling machines

Wirtgen’s F-series compact milling machines, which range from the W 100 Fi to W 130 Fi models, can now be fitted with a comfort cabin. This fully enclosed cabin offers a comfortable, low-fatigue workplace and provides effective protection against noise emissions. At the same time, it protects the operator when working in all-weather conditions – no matter whether it’s windy, rainy, cold or sunny and hot.

The cabin air is cleaned by a filter system, while the temperature is controlled by an automatic air conditioning and heating system. The cabin is also constructed as a positive-pressure system to prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and hazardous materials into the operator’s workplace – so that the area always stays dry and clean regardless of the weather conditions, and also when transporting the machine.

The increased comfort and lower impact of environmental influences inside the cabin reduce stress and fatigue. The working environment is enhanced with state-of-the-art control elements and innovative assistance systems, ensuring that important factors that contribute to safety and productivity, such as concentration and physical or mental capabilities, are not impaired in any way.

In addition, the ambient noise level is so low that the operator can make hands-free phone calls from the cabin. For communication on the construction site, the operator can either use a radio headset or open the easily accessible side window to talk with the crew on the ground.

When closed and locked, the operator cabin and all control elements are securely protected against vandalism. It is no longer necessary to remove and stow protection covers or open up fold-away control panels at the start of work or vice versa at the end of the working day.