Tadano debuts new TM-ZX1205HRS loader crane in Thailand, appoints Saha Crane Auction as TM dealer

Tadano recently launched its new TM-ZX1205HRS loader crane in Thailand. The launch event was held by Tadano Italthai – the importer and distributor of Tadano-branded cranes and lifting equipment for Thailand and Laos – in November 2022 at Saha Crane Auction Co Ltd, a newly appointed dealer for Tadano TM cranes.

The new loader crane with a 12-t capacity features the latest safety system called ‘Safety Eyes’ built in Japan, said Shigeki Nozawa, managing director of Tadano Italthai Co Ltd. The company revealed that this 12-t maximum lifting capacity is a completely new range for a Tadano TM crane, bridging the gap between the 10 t/15 tm TM-ZX1000 and 15 t/30 tm TM-ZX1500 series models.

The TM-ZX1205HRS is one of three models in Tadano’s new TM-ZX1200 series. Like its accompanying HS and MH models, the TM-ZX1205HRS (HRS model) achieves a maximum outrigger width of 5.5 m and maximum crane capacity of 12,000 kg x 1.6  m (22 tm), the largest in its class. Wide outriggers coupled with increased capacity greatly improve the crane’s lifting performance compared with previous models in the same class.

AML with Safety Eyes provides a greater degree of vision and control for the operator. It monitors overload momentum during work and warning/stops once momentum is reached 100%; it also reduces lifting capacity during low truck cargo load activity to avoid tipping over. The HRS models add a colour LCD radio remote controller that displays the lifted load, which allows changing of the operation position even when visibility is poor in the conventional operation position.

The MH model features more economic specifications, designed to appeal to a wider range of customers. These include ‘Hook-In’ and anti-two-block device functionality.

“We also equipped the TM-ZX1200HRS with a basket mode and a support mount for the basket at the tip of the boom, so that it can be used for aerial work,” said Mr Nozawa. “The wider outrigger width also leads to a larger working radius in basket mode.”

Somkieat Jiviriyawat, senior vice president of Tadano Italthai, added that the TM-ZX1205HRS was designed according to Tadano’s core value that underpins ‘safety, quality, efficiency’ and highlighted its versatility.

“The Tadano crane can be mounted on all large-size trucks and all models that carry Japanese, European, US, or Chinese brands. The lift height can be adjusted to fit the operating site, for example in buildings or tunnels,” explained Mr Jiviriyawat. “It is also equipped with an alarm system when unsafe issues are spotted, to help reduce possible accidents. Meanwhile, the basket mode is added on, in line with safety standards.”

According to Mr Nozawa, the TM (truck mounted) crane market in Thailand is currently considered the largest in ASEAN. “It is expected to keep expanding with supportive factors, economically and geographically. Plus, we believe ‘safety’ would be the key factor in ASEAN. We believe the TM-ZX1205HRS will continuously raise demand for TM cranes.”

New Tadano TM dealer

As a Tadano TM dealer in Thailand, Saha Crane Auction “would be the main partner under the market expansion and receive the opportunity for mega-investment projects for us,” said Mr Nozawa.

Saha Crane Auction, which was created in 2011 as a subsidiary of Saha Crane Service Co Ltd, offers the latest amenities for customers looking to acquire cranes and other heavy machinery along with other materials for the construction industry.

The company’s location in Rayong as well as neighbouring Chonbri – about 54 km from Bangkok – is close to numerous petrochemical plants and other industrial facilities, making the area promising for sales of HRS models equipped with state-of-the-art safety features.

Pramote Sanitwaja, CEO of Saha Crane Service, said, “The concept of ‘TM Safety Eyes Era’ was one of the greatest innovations in the TM crane industry. The [launch] event visually showed our customers how the crane operates.

“Distribution via Saha Crane Auction will provide customers with integrated solutions. This collaboration will synergise each party’s strengths: Tadano’s quality products and after-sales services and Saha Crane Auction’s extensive expertise in heavy machinery leasing.”

Mr Sanitwaja continued, “The customers will be aware of how TM crane can be easier to operate safely. This is a great opportunity for Saha Crane Auction; we will drive the TM crane industry in Thailand.”