Advance works for Hong Kong’s Oyster Bay project in full swing with first cable bridge installed

Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation announced last Friday (30 Dec) that advance works for the Oyster Bay development have already commenced, in preparation for the construction of the project.

One of the early tasks is to erect two cable bridges spanning across the live tracks of the Tung Chung Line and Airport Express Line. According to MTR Corporation, the tasks are extremely challenging because the complex lifting and installation works had to be completed within the very limited non-traffic hours, while railway service safety also had to be assured throughout and after the works.

MTR Corporation said the two trusses of the first cable bridge, weighing more than 130 t with a length of over 45 m, were successfully installed over two nights in December during non-traffic hours.

Through the two cable bridges, underground cables and utilities will be diverted and re-routed from near the Siu Ho Wan Depot to the other side of the Tung Chung Line and Airport Express Line tracks, MTR Corporation further explained. This allows for subsequent development works atop the depot. The lifting and installation of the second cable bridge are expected be completed in January 2023.

MTR Corporation also revealed that, to ensure the safe and smooth completion of the heavy lifting and installation works within the very limited non-traffic hours, the engineering team carefully planned each step of the works, which was then thoroughly simulated and trialled with the contractor before the actual works were carried out.

The Oyster Bay project involves the conversion of the depot with a podium deck and property enabling works for topside property development. A new station, Oyster Bay Station, will also be constructed to serve the future population growth.

All images: MTR Corporation