Doka upgrades Framax Xlife plus wall formwork with new system height

Doka has introduced a new system height to its popular Doka Framax framed formwork range. Framax Xlife plus is a next-generation tie-system designed for lightning-fast assembly. New accessories make working on the formwork even more efficient. 

With a new formwork system height of 3.00 m and only two tying levels required, the Framax Xlife plus family ensures more economical forming. The enhanced product enables single-person operations, requires 12% fewer ties than similar systems, is operable from just one side without the need for jacket tubes and cones, and enables lightning-fast anchoring.

All elements are anchored in the centre, which reduces the number of ties and creates a harmonious tie pattern suitable for exposed concrete projects. And as the industry faces an increasing shortage of skilled workers, Framax Xlife plus helps streamline construction projects and reduces budgets.

Increased application versatility is supported by the integrated open functional profiles, as well as the attachment of add-on parts such as brackets, panel struts and walings. Framax Xlife plus is fully compatible with the Framax Xlife formwork panels; both formwork systems use the same accessories, e.g. lanyards, clamping rails, platforms, parking and setting aids.

Framax Xlife plus system logic optimises utilisation and logistics for improved component management with integrated form tie nuts – simplifying and speeding-up assembly and disassembly. The large panels can be used in horizontal and vertical positions, allowing horizontal stacking with smaller panels. All panels are produced with hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated frames. This ensures rust prevention, fast and easy cleaning, and a long lifespan.

In addition, Doka has come up with some helpful tools for erecting and dismantling formwork. These include the Framax positioning lever, which allows formwork braces to be set up quickly, easily, and in a way that is gentle on the material. The new Framax aligning clamp make it possible to erect extensions of up to 6.60 m with just one part.

Doka further explained that after more than 30 years of service, its existing Framax production facilities are being phased out to make way for a new manufacturing centre in St. Martin, Austria. The new Framax production line, that cuts, stamps, welds and grinds the formwork, began operations in the first half of 2022. It complements the powder coating line, which commenced operations in 2021.

Digitisation and automation are enabling the production process to be permanently optimised. Machine-supported quality assurance and the quality check that every frame undergoes guarantee one hundred percent control, thus ensuring consistent high quality for the customer.

The powder coating line also leads the way in environment-friendly manufacturing, said Doka, by using 80% less water than the previous facility, more environment-friendly chemistry and sophisticated, lower-energy oven technology.

“Doka has always prioritised sustainability,” concluded Robert Hauser, Doka CEO. “Today, sustainability is our most important growth driver.” 

All images: Doka