MyJobsite: Digital tool from Liebherr for deep foundation machines

Liebherr has introduced MyJobsite for its deep foundation machines. The tool allows a clear digital view and simplified documentation of data from the most varied of sources, as well as the processing, evaluation and interpretation of these in relevant information (e.g. performance parameters, construction progress, machine capacity, etc).

Based on such information, quality control of certain processes on the jobsite can be carried out. This creates the basis for the optimisation of working processes and ultimately for saving time and money.

A list of all work processes can be stored in MyJobsite with the help of planning data, and thus work steps can be systematically completed. Machine and process data can be called up live and are continuously updated. As a result, the user always has a full overview of planned, active and completed processes, as well as the current progress of the jobsite.

In accordance with ISO 27001, all collected data are enciphered and securely stored following highest security standards. The data can be completely deleted at any time upon customer request.

The software interface is simple to operate and intuitive. With the jobsite dashboard, users always keep up-to-date. All relevant jobsite figures and machine data are clearly prepared. Therefore, MyJobsite can deliver information about progress, usage, actual events, and much more.

MyJobsite comes in handy in the deep foundation sector, given most of the work results cannot be seen and inspected following completion, as they are below the surface and outside the field of vision. Using MyJobsite, the quality of work can be verified and documented in accordance with DIN 1536.

Based on standardised protocols, all necessary documents can be quickly created with only a few clicks and entries. Furthermore, live emails or SMS messages inform defined persons about the actual progress of the jobsite.