New Hamm HC 119 and HC 129 compactors for earthworks

The new Hamm HC 119 and HC 129 compactors are designed specifically for users in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The machines bring ample power to the construction site, but thanks to the Eco mode, they are significantly more economical than their predecessors. Furthermore, these models offer a modern and comfortable operator’s platform as well as excellent driving and handling characteristics.

Hamm has developed the new HC series on the basis of a standardised platform and supplies models worldwide starting at 11-t operating weight. In this regard, the manufacturer is merging the compactors of the existing 3000 series and H series. The drum width for all models is 2,140 mm.

The high static linear load of the compactors means they can be used anywhere, for infrastructure projects in road construction, at airports and other large areas. The powerful Cummins engine ensures that maximum compaction force is always available, and the vibration works immediately once the nominal frequency is activated.

Hamm fits all models with drum drive. As an optional extra, an automatic vibration system can be integrated. It switches off the vibration as soon as the compactors are at standstill. This prevents over-compaction and guarantees high-quality surfaces.

For compacting cohesive soils, Hamm also provides the option of padfoot shells. Additionally, all models can be fitted with a Hamm compaction meter (HCM), which highlights weak points and helps prevent over-compaction.

Comfortable workstation

Hamm is initially supplying the compactor with an open platform. All models incorporates a protective roof as standard to shield operators from sun and rain, and also feature ROPS/FOPS as standard. The operation is self-explanatory and does not require any special language skills.

From the operator’s platform, the driver has an excellent view of the construction site. Thanks to the design of the engine hood and the front vehicle, the driver can always keep the drum and the construction site in view. A USB socket, 12 V socket and a bottle holder are available on board.

Bright work lighting with durable LED lights rounds off the high-quality and environment-friendly overall picture. Provisionally from the first quarter of 2023, Hamm will also offer models with ROPS/FOPS cabs.

Efficient Eco mode

The HC 119 and HC 129 compactors are powered by a water-cooled, 82 kW four-cylinder engine in accordance with regional requirements. The engine can be operated with pure diesel or B20 fuel, up to 20% of which is derived from biological sources.

Whichever fuel is used, two fuel filters and one additional water separator ensure reliable operation. The compactors work very efficiently in Eco mode; in this mode, the speed is reduced but the vibration frequency and the centrifugal force – and therefore the entire compaction power – are constantly maintained. This is made possible by the generously proportioned hydraulic components combined with an intelligent control system.

Fuel consumption is still reduced by up to 20%. Consequently, the CO2 emissions and noise emissions are reduced too. The compactors are able to be used at outside temperatures of up to 52 °C, thanks to a newly designed air duct and a large radiator.

The three-point articulation in the new compactors guarantees outstanding directional stability, impressive stability when negotiating curves, and a high level of safety against overturning. This means that the machines ensure safe manoeuvring and highly efficient compaction, even on rough terrain.

The front vehicle boasts a large slope angle, so that even steep inclines can be overcome with ease. A differential lock on the rear axle of the compactors delivers good traction for climbing – even on challenging substrates or steep terrain – and, at the same time, reduces the wear on the tyres.