Dynapac Paving MasterClass event returns in 2022, held in Bangkok

Dynapac Asia Pacific has concluded the second edition of its Paving MasterClass, which took place on 1 November 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. This exclusive event was held in collaboration with Pin Siam Co Ltd, with approximately 170 operators in attendance.

A Dynapac initiative for construction machinery operators, the company said the goal is to create a cohesive environment where operators can efficiently and effectively operate Dynapac equipment, with the highest safety standards.

The Paving MasterClass event focused on the advance training of Dynapac equipment and provided a refresher course on best practice guidelines. Attendees were also given the opportunity to demo the Dynapac SD2500CS paver and network with fellow industry professionals.

“We are very excited to resume our Paving MasterClass after the pandemic and are thankful for the opportunity to put together this event with Pin Siam,” commented Ihab Eldessouky, regional general manager of Dynapac Asia Pacific. “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has never been more prominent on our regional agenda than it is today. We believe in equipping our operators with the right skills and safety practices.

“We hope to create an exclusive network to connect operators across Thailand and to provide a cohesive environment to support and celebrate what they do. We want this event to be a platform where they can network within the community, improve and share knowledge.”

Mr Eldessouky added, “We believe this hands-on experience will empower our operators to learn the different features of our paving equipment; to realise the full potential of Dynapac pavers and how we (Dynapac) can support our operators in building safe roads for the Thai community.”

Dynapac highlighted that, alongside the guidance of its certified trainers, this event aims to create a tight-knit community for Dynapac operators, who play a key role as the driver of its paver machines.