Bakrie and COBOD team up for 3D construction printing in Indonesia, targeting building and housing markets

Denmark-based 3D construction printing technology supplier, COBOD International, has entered into a joint venture (JV) agreement with PT Modula Sustainability Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk (BNBR).

The new JV company aims to develop 3D construction printing business in Indonesia. It will be named PT Modula Tiga Dimensi (Modular 3D Dimension Company), reflecting the focus on 3D construction printers and the modular build of COBOD printers.

BNBR is the first and lead company of the Bakrie Group, an Indonesian conglomerate that operates businesses in multiple sectors. Modula, a subsidiary of BNBR, provides solution for housing backlog problems currently encountered by the country.

Teaming up with COBOD, Modula is now set to adopt the latest 3D construction printing (3DCP) technology and ready to offer the Indonesian market a new and better solution for housing constructions.

Director of BNBR, Roy Hendrajanto M. Sakti, said, “This agreement was made to forge the collaboration between Modula and COBOD, with the aim to focus on developing business in the construction industry with 3DCP technology in Indonesia. Our joint venture will carry out the role of sales, distribution and market development in Indonesia, and all business activities to build up the 3DCP technology.”

While COBOD has achieved significant sales of its 3D construction printers in North and South America, Europe and Asia, the company has yet to deliver a printer to Indonesia. COBOD printers have already been applied in multiple countries around the world and have 3D printed the first one-, two- and three-storey buildings in Europe and the Middle East, the first two-storey buildings in the US, Canada and India, as well as the first schools and houses in Africa. COBOD printers are also used in printing wind turbine towers and other industrial applications.

Mr Sakti added, “New 3D print technology, especially that applied to building construction, is relatively new in the Indonesian market. Modula intends to become one of the pioneers and the leading provider of 3DCP technology in the country, especially in the building and housing construction segment.

“We see that the potential growth in the Indonesian market is very promising. This is an opportunity that should be explored and developed. The efficiency gained from the application of 3DCP in this industry is also very significant.”

“We are proud to be partnering with the large Bakrie Group to bring our state-of-the-art 3DCP technology to Indonesia. This will help solidifying our position as the leading 3DCP technology provider in the world," commented Mr Bergh.

”Together with the Bakrie Group, we will have great opportunities to grow, and to demonstrate to the Indonesian market how our technology can be applied to build faster, better, cheaper and more environment-friendly.”