Enerpac raises the bar with 400-t self-locking cube jack lift

Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology has successfully completed side-load stability testing of the SCJ-100 (self-locking cube jack) by performing a four-point lift with a 400-t load up to 3 m at its factory in Hengelo, the Netherlands. The SCJ-100 raises the bar for cube jack lifting from 2 m to 3 m and doubles the lifting capacity compared to the smaller SCJ-50.

The SCJ-100 Cube Jack is a compact and portable hydraulic solution for synchronised incremental lifting and lowering of heavy loads. It uses a base lifting frame and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks to provide high-capacity and stable lifting.

Steel cribbing blocks have several benefits over wood cribbing, said Enerpac, including fewer cribbing components to handle and align, lifting up to eight times faster, and lifting higher than using traditional cribbing methods.

During side-load testing, four units of the SCJ-100 were used to lift a 400-t test load. At 2 m high, the load was subjected to a side load of 10 t (2.5%) by attaching a cylinder to the load and pushing the load to the full stroke of the cylinder. At 3 m, the maximum lift height for the SCJ-100, the load was subjected to a side load of 6 t (1.5 %).

“Even during the toughest side-load test, the performance of the SCJ-100 was impressive and enhances safety,” said Pete Crisci, product line director at Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology. “By raising the lifting capacity and maximum lift height, we now offer users a way of tackling heavy lifts that would have been impossible before without excessive, and time consuming, use of climbing jacks with wooden cribbing.”

Up to eighteen 24.5-kg steel cribbing blocks can be safely and easily stacked onto the SCJ-100 base frame yielding a maximum height of 3,006 mm. The base frame footprint measures just 655 mm x 636 mm, making it ideal for restricted operating space. A low 558 mm minimum initial jacking height increases flexibility and reduces operational start-up time.

The SCJ-100 also comes with a storage frame to make tool maintenance and inventory management easier.

Cube jacks operate with up to 700 bar hydraulic pressure and are compatible with standard pumps, such as the Enerpac split-flow pump that offers the ability to evenly operate multiple cube jacks.