Intiland to develop Batang Industrial Park in Central Java, Indonesia

PT Intiland Development Tbk has announced the development of Batang Industrial Park (BIP), a new integrated industrial area in Batang Regency, Central Java province, Indonesia.

The project will be divided into several stages of development. The first phase covers an area of 287 ha, with further developments planned to cover a total area of 500 ha.

According to Intiland, BIP wil feature sustainability concepts in its design and operations. It seeks to comply with “the principles of green building, clean industrial processes, and a strict water management system to maintain a balance with nature and the surrounding community.”

Located right on the Trans Java toll road – which is easily accessible from Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya – BIP will accommodate “light and medium industries,” said Intiland. The developer is making the plots of land ready to build to meet the needs of factory or warehouse construction, catering to various industrial sectors. In addition, Intiland plans to provide ready-to-use factory buildings as well as warehouses.

BIP is Intiland’s second industrial estate project in Indonesia, following the Ngoro Industrial Park in Mojokerto, East Java province.

“Batang has become a preferred area for industrial land development. Besides being supported by excellent transportation infrastructure, Batang has a number of other added values, such as competitive labour cost, ample land availability and long-term development potential,” said Permadi Indra Yoga, Intiland’s director of business development.

BIP will also be equipped with an integrated commercial area and a residential area designated for workers who will be working in the vicinity, added Intiland. “This facility provides ease of service and facilitates the mobilisation of workers, as well as being an added value for industrial players making BIP their base.”

Image: Intiland