Sinoboom’s new models to electrify bauma

Sinoboom’s largest-ever bauma stand will feature a wide range of electric MEWPs from its diverse product portfolio, featuring new and upgraded slab and RT scissor lifts, articulating and telescopic boom lifts and vertical mast lifts.

The selection of models on show is designed to meet the requirements of fleet managers and end users across a broad spectrum, representing solutions for the vast majority of working environments, working heights and lifting capacity demanded by the access sector.

Sinoboom’s flagship vertical mast lift, the ML10EJ, is suitable for logistics, warehousing and other narrow-aisle applications. The machine has an 8.3 m platform height, 10.3 m working height, 3.3 m horizontal reach and 200 kg loading capacity. Key characteristics include a retractable pothole guard, zero tailswing and almost-zero turning radius, and a removable mast assembly to allow for more convenient maintenance.

Sinoboom’s electric telescopic boom lifts offer 16-32 m platform heights. The TB20EJ Plus features a 20 m platform height, 22 m working height and 330 kg/454 kg (unrestricted/restricted) loading capacity. The machine delivers a quiet working-at-height solution for emissions-critical locations, and has been engineered for low energy consumption and long working endurance. Smooth off-road operation is enhanced with standard active oscillation, 4WD and 35% gradeability.

Scissor lifts

The slab scissor lifts from Sinoboom provide 4.5-13.8 m platform heights with a lifting capacity of 350 kg. All are electric-powered, and between them demonstrate a range of new and upgraded features, such as AC drive motors, both lead-acid and lithium battery power, and a Sinoboom-developed control system.

The 0407SE is an upgraded version of the popular compact model, now with an increased platform height of 4.5 m, and front-wheel drive. Lightweight and narrow, the machine can travel easily through standard doorways and corridors and in elevators, making it ideal for multi-storey building indoor maintenance applications.

The 0607SE has a 5.6 m platform height, more lightweight compared to the 0608SE model, and unique in featuring an energy-saving permanent magnet motor, which provides greater energy efficiency than the more common excitation motor.

The 5.8 m 0608ME has been designed for optimal user-friendliness, reliability and durability. The machine features a new wider scissor stack design for enhanced stability.

The 0808E has an 8.1 m platform height featuring an indented sliding groove, to help prevent against scratches during transportation. The wider scissor stack is designed for enhanced stability when working at height.

The 1212E is an upgraded version of the 11.9 m model with lithium battery and AC drive, and features the wider scissor stack design for a more stable working-at-height experience.

The 13 m 1414E Plus has a 350 kg lifting capacity and AC drive. The machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and features the wider scissor stack design for enhanced stability when working at height.

From the rough-terrain scissor lift family, the 1218RH is a hybrid model with a 12.2 m platform height, 14.2 m working height and 365 kg lifting capacity. The machine’s 35% gradeability is complemented by 1-click levelling, allowing for easy manoeuvring and working on uneven ground. When battery powered, this can be used in emissions-critical environments, while the diesel engine serves to eliminate range anxiety on longer outdoor projects.

Another rough-terrain scissor lift is the 1623RE, which is an electric model with a 16.2 m platform height, 18.2 m working height and 680 kg lifting capacity. The machine’s 40% gradeability and 1-click levelling allow for easy manoeuvring and working on uneven ground. The two-way extendable platform provides a spacious working environment for up to four occupants, and with zero emissions and quiet operation, it is ideal for indoor and emissions-critical working scenarios.

A robust build, world-class components and corrosion-resistant electrophoretic primer treatment come as standard across the whole range, alongside popular features such as boom lifts’ 7-in display screens for easy machine status information and maintenance management, and innovative bumper rails on scissor lifts which help to protect decals and bodywork against scratches during use and transportation.

Bauma booth: FS.1002/3