High-capacity Dynapac CO5200 VI tandem roller

As a flagship and best-selling oscillatory roller within its range, the Dynapac CO5200 VI is a high-capacity machine with a 11.7-t operating weight and a drum width of 1,950 mm. It is ideal for applications such as bridge compaction, compaction near foundations, houses or other concrete structures.

The CO5200 VI has all the features found in the 10-12.5-t generation VI rollers, like an active front drum steering with 520 mm offset, an asymmetric spacious, noise reducing cab and a convenient full seat rotation that makes limitations caused by forwards and backwards movement a thing of the past. A user-friendly instrument panel with 7-in full colour touch display provides an optimal overview of all functions and surroundings.

The machine comes with a full back up consisting of dual sprinkler bars on each drum. These are driven by two separate pumps and can easily be chosen via the display. The advantage for operators is that they always have a back-up, complete with an extra pump and an extra complete set of clean sprinkler nozzles connected to each pump.

Reliability is further enhanced by a three-step filtering system, which includes a strainer in the fill hole, a filter located close to the pump, and a strainer on each nozzle. An automatic water control, sprinkler-timer, and full flow sprinkler button are also standard on the CO5200 VI.

For cold-region areas, anti-freeze can easily be added to the sprinkler system to protect it from freezing. Thanks to the high-placed drum scrapers, cleaning and adjustments are reduced due to their distance from asphalt debris.

All controls such as displays, levers and switches seamlessly follow the slideable and rotateable operator station. Additional benefits include easy-to-reach maintenance points, lubrication-free articulated joint and pistons, as well as a back-up camera for an optimal backwards view. A special focus on maximum ergonomics ensures greater comfort even after a long working day.

In addition, Dynapac provides a wide range of compaction control and documentation systems. Among these is an Eco-mode that constantly keeps the engine rpm as low as possible, thus reducing noise levels and enabling a lower fuel consumption by 15%.

For users in North America, Dynapac offers a 130-hp T4f Cummins QSF 3.8 engine, while a 130-hp Stage V Cummins 3.8 engine is for the EU market. The 140-hp Stage IIIA Cummins 3.8 engine is offered to regions that do not yet have ultra-low sulphur fuels. Biodegradable hydraulic oil is available as an option.

To prevent the wearing of the drum shell, Dynapac has chosen the Hardox 450 steel with an extra 50 Brinell hardness of over 400 grade. The company said the Hardox 450 is hardened not only on the surface but all the way through the material. This extra process provides significantly better dent and abrasion resistance. This and the fact that the oscillation drum doesn’t vibrate but instead kneads the material all contribute to a longer drum life and extended hours of hassle-free operation.

The difficulties caused by the eventual changing of the drive belts (in the drum) was solved with the introduction of service covers that made it easy to reach within the drum for optimal access. The oscillation drum has four bolted service covers that makes reaching for the timing belts faster and more convenient. Additionally, every oscillation machine comes with a special included timing tool, which together with other handy features, enables maintenance crews to change the timing belt in just two hours.

Bauma booth: FS.1008/1