Scott Webster appointed as president of GRL Engineers

GRL Engineers has appointed Scott Webster as president, effective 8 July 2022. A 30-year GRL veteran executive and principal engineer, he will succeed Patrick Hannigan.

Mr Webster, previously the GRL vice president managing the company’s global offshore and North Carolina-based regional operations, will oversee GRL’s 14 offices, leading the GRL’s management team, engineers and staff in providing a wide array of deep foundation testing services both in the US and globally.

Mr Webster has a vast experience in providing testing and engineering analyses of deep foundations for structures worldwide. He has also written and presented dozens of technical papers on deep foundations at various industry events throughout his tenure.

In 2019, Mr Webster was elected treasurer of the Pile Drivers Contractor’s Association (PDCA), the same year he received the Professional Engineer’s Service Award. He is also a member of the ADSC, ASCE, DFI and National Society of Engineers and will continue to provide GRL leadership within the industry.

“It is an honour to be selected as the next president of GRL Engineers,” said Mr Webster. “I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to work closely with both former GRL presidents, Frank Rausche and Pat Hannigan throughout my career, and look forward to the future of the organisation.”

Mr Hannigan is stepping down after having been GRL president for the past 11 years. During his tenure, he was able to guide GRL into new areas of deep foundations testing and analysis while maintaining GRL’s position as the world leader of dynamic testing and analysis of driven piles. His expertise and leadership have resulted in significant growth of GRL’s technical capabilities, areas of practice, industry influence and branch locations.

Mr Hannigan was instrumental in GRL’s bi-directional static load testing (BDSLT) and top-load bi-directional testing (TLBT) initiatives and development. During his 45-year-long career, he has authored numerous technical papers covering all aspects of deep foundations testing and analyses.

Mr Hannigan is the lead author of the 1997, 2006 and 2016 editions of the FHWA manual for ‘Design and Construction of Driven Pile Foundations.’ He will continue with GRL as a senior consultant providing his expertise on BDSLT/TLBT projects, workshop/training seminars and numerous other activities.

Headquartered in the US, GRL Engineers is a professional engineering company established to provide specialised testing, analysis and consulting services to the deep foundation industry. Its services range from specialised testing jobs (such as evaluating unknown foundations) to large-scale major projects requiring the monitoring, testing and analysis of all types of deep foundations nationwide and worldwide.