New generation of Bomag Smart Line single drum rollers

Bomag will be showcasing its new generation of Smart Line (SL) single drum rollers for the first time at bauma. Visitors can find out more about the new models with smooth (D) or padfoot drums (PD).

The single drum rollers also feature an interface to the Bomap app. This smart helper for tablets and smartphones increases efficiency with real-time maps for surface covering dynamic compaction control (SCDCC) and simplifies transparent, digital jobsite documentation.

Bomag’s new SL single drum rollers are characterised by their large amplitudes, optimum weight distribution and high linear load. These result in ideal depth effect and, accordingly, reliably high surface coverage when compacting sand, gravel, crushed rock and poorly cohesive soils.

Thanks to its high-torque drive and outstanding gradeability, the operator can manoeuvre the roller confidently in road and embankment construction, earthworks or landfill operations, even when working in difficult terrain.

The PD models with padfoot drums are recommended for strongly cohesive soils with high silt or clay content. The padfoot with optimised shaping penetrates particularly deep into the soil.

The models with smooth drums are real all-rounders for earthworks: with an easy-to-fit three-part segmented casing, the machine is transformed into a powerful padfoot roller, enabling the single drum roller to be used much more widely and thus more cost-effectively.

The spacious cabin offers the operator plenty of comfort and legroom. With a clear view to the front and rear, manoeuvring and staying in lane is almost child’s play. The machine’s functions are all labelled with intuitive symbols and instantly understandable, regardless of language.

The central information system on board is a 5-in colour display, which can be optionally extended with the Terrameter or Economizer as assistance systems for compaction control, allowing the operator to constantly monitor the degree and progress of compaction.

Position, speed and, above all, the EVIB values measured by the Terrameter can now also be evaluated and visualised particularly easily with the Bomap app. The only thing required for this digital add-on is a wireless interface (Joblink), which Bomag now also offers as an option for its SL rollers. Bomap records the exact compaction progress in real time for the entire construction site.

Even with extreme ramps and embankment angles of up to 45%, compaction is still effective: the new SL generation achieves this thanks to a powerful drive and a special frame design. The clever design of the drum frame also prevents soil from getting stuck and clumping between the frame and drum. The steel scraper, which comes as standard, ensures a clean roller drum.

The new SL single drum rollers excel through their well-thought-out, low-maintenance and durable design. This ensures sustainability and allows the machines to be used in all latitudes and seasons.

The air intake is located at the top of the machine, so less dust is drawn in, while the air outlet at the rear minimises dust turbulence. Bomag’s airflow concept has been proven in the toughest conditions and increases machine uptime in harsh environments.

A highly robust hood effectively protects all engine components, filters and filler nozzles against dirt and moisture, as well as against vandalism. The sensitive central electronics are also well protected against moisture and can be serviced at a single point.

Hydraulic hoses on mobile machines are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and mechanical wear. To keep this to a minimum, Bomag has not only used particularly robust and weather-resistant hydraulic hoses but also protected them effectively against external influences at the sides with additional metal brackets.

Service points, central drains and replaceable rubber buffers are easily accessible from the ground. Replacing the buffer doesn’t even require lifting the drum or the front frame. Last but not least, lubrication is no longer necessary due to a low-maintenance articulated joint.

Bauma booth: FS.1009