Electric concrete mixer, truck-mounted concrete pump from Putzmeister

With the iONTRON eMixer, Putzmeister is paving the way for environment-friendly concrete transport. This low-noise machine is gentle on local residents and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 100%, depending on the local electricity mix.

The battery charge of the iONTRON eMixer lasts a whole working day in urban areas – with around 5-6 tours. The  battery technology with a capacity of 350 kWh makes this possible. If more trips are planned, it can simply be charged in between. The mixer recovers its full power overnight by charging at a DC charging station (63A-125A, CCS Combo2 charging pistol).

The 8x4 axle configuration offers excellent driving dynamics with up to 34 t permissible gross weight. The drum size of 9 sq m, the optimised drum geometry and the intuitive operation also provide superior benefits.

The iONTRON eMixer is based on a Sany electric chassis and is 100% electrically powered. According to Putzmeister, no CO2 is released during operation, neither during the journey nor when working on the construction site.

The 315 kW e-motor delivers excellent torque and virtually silent operation. This means that the eMixer can drive without restrictions – even in places where strict noise protection regulations apply.

Zero emissions truck-mounted concrete pump

Putzmeister’s iONTRON hybrid truck-mounted concrete pump integrates a plug-in hybrid in the hydraulic pump train, which is not just environment-friendly but also saves fuel, space and weight.

There is virtually no limit to the possible uses, as the 92 kW electric motor easily covers typical applications in electric mode, said Putzmeister.

The iONTRON makes it easy to work in an environment-friendly manner: simply unwind the cable, plug it in and utilise the power supply on the construction site (125 A). Machine operators only need a brief instruction and then can connect the power supply themselves.

Switching from the familiar diesel drive to electric mode is also very simple and can be done during operation. Simply press a button to utilise the full power of the electric motor – from the support configuration right through to pumping concrete. Depending on the local electricity mix, this makes it possible to reduce emissions by up to 100%.

Putzmeister shared that operating the truck-mounted concrete pump remains just as intuitive for the operator, whether the machine is running in diesel or electric mode. The noise is reduced to 107 dB(A) in electric operation, compared to 115 dB(A) in diesel operation.

An iONTRON features fuel savings and a delivery rate of up to 100 cu m/hr. Putzmeister recommends that users configure their iONTRON hybrid machine with an iLS core pump for good efficiency. The improved intake behaviour achieved by removing bottlenecks in the concrete flow and the 25% lower consumption, which is thanks to the innovative control system, are further advantages.

The iONTRON hybrid truck-mounted concrete pump is already available in models of the 20- to 40-m class, including the BSF 24-4 and BSF 28-4 (20 m); BSF 36-4 (30 m); and BSF 42-5 and BSF 47-5 (40 m).

Bauma booth: FM.709, B6.300 /100