Haulotte enters low-level access equipment market

Haulotte has announced its entry into the low-level access equipment segment, offering seven models designed for working below a 6 m height. Compact and lightweight, they are ideal for space-restricted jobsites and sensitive flooring.

These new machines provide a safe and effective alternative to ladders and scaffolding, featuring enhanced productivity and more convenient working conditions. They can be used indoors for maintenance applications, renovation, warehousing or fit out and finishing work.

The Move Up vertical mast range has two push-around models (push-around and electric lifting), delivering a maximum working height of 4.6 m and 5.6 m respectively.

The Swift Up scissor lift range is available in a push-around version (working height of 3.8 m or 4.5 m). The self-propelled version (electric drive and elevation) is named Swift Up SP and has a maximum working height of 4.5 m, 5 m or 5.9 m according to the model.

“As a promoter of safe and valuable working at height solutions, we have been following the evolution of this segment of the aerial industry for several years. Today, we are pleased to present a complete range of low-level access lifts, perfectly adapted to our customers’ needs,” said Remi Heidelberger, marketing manager at Haulotte.

Higher productivity

Low-level access lifts increase operators’ productivity, as they allow work at heights more quickly and efficiently than with mechanical methods like ladders and scaffolding, explained Haulotte.

The Move Up, Swift Up and Swift Up SP models are ready to use in just a few seconds. They require no assembly/disassembly time compared to traditional forms of access and enable users to quickly reach the work area. The self-propelled version can move while raised, allowing faster movement to the next task.

Easily transportable, this low-level access equipment can be loaded directly into a van or pick-up truck using the dedicated forklift pockets. With a small footprint, the machines suit all indoor projects.

Their compact size (maximum width of 75 cm) makes it easy to navigate through confined spaces, such as narrow store aisles, data centres, open-plan offices or warehouses, without damaging the working environment.

Their narrow turning radius enables tight manoeuvres without difficulty. The machines easily fit into elevators and pass comfortably through a standard single doorway.

Haulotte’s low-level access lifts are designed to work in low floor-load areas such as hotels, gymnasiums and theatres. Lightweight and equipped with non-marking wheels, they are perfectly adapted to sensitive floors, like carpet, wood floor, marble and tiles.

The machines’ robust platform can carry a load from 159 to 240 kg depending on the model. Their excellent stability allows a 360˚ range of motion. 

Greater safety and comfort

Haulotte further highlighted that its low-level access platforms not only improve productivity, but also operator well-being and safety while working at height.

By providing an ergonomic working position, the access platforms help lower the risk for musculoskeletal disorders on the jobsite. The equipment also avoids wasteful and exhausting motion; it reduces the worker fatigue associated with repetitive climbing up and down. Plus, it ensures that the operator is always working at the right height.

For extra safety, the stable, anti-slip and fully guarded platform reduces the risk of injury and falls. The wheel lock system prevents unintentional movement while the worker is on the platform and the tilt sensor alarm ensures safe lifting.

These new Haulotte low-level access platforms are equipped with intuitive controls for ease of use. They are designed for one-person indoor operation.

"Our range of low-level access solutions guarantees user-friendly operation, whatever the job to be done. The AGM batteries and easily accessible components ensure minimal maintenance and operating costs," said Eloïse Guillet, marketing product manager at Haulotte.

All of the models are available in Europe (except Russia and the UK), Asia Pacific (except Korea), and South American countries (only the self-propelled scissors Swift Up SP).