Doka Xsafe systems designed for high safety on jobsites

The Xsafe product line from Doka comprises a number of systems, including Xsafe Platform system plus, Xsafe Edge protection Z for building edges, and Edge protection system XP as fall protection for formwork, structural shells and precast concrete components.

These systems are easy to integrate and designed to ensure excellent safety on the jobsite. According to Doka, in combination with intelligent services and in-depth consulting on safety, the company offers an all-inclusive, safe and worry-free package for the construction site.

“At Doka, the focus of all our products right from the development stage is on solutions that are not only efficient but also contribute to safety without any additional effort,” said Robert Stanek, director of components & safety at Doka. “With the Xsafe product family, we have created the perfect symbiosis with our existing products, making productive work on the construction site safer.”

All images: Doka