STB invites proposals to develop Singapore’s major tourism project

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched a request for proposals (RFP) to develop and operate an integrated tourism development at Jurong Lake District. [Scroll down to watch video of the development.]

In 2019, STB announced plans for the development of a 6.8-ha site next to Jurong Lake to become a key lifestyle and tourism hub in Singapore’s largest business district outside the CBD. With the launch of this RFP, the project is now estimated to be completed from 2028.

STB expects the development to comprise high-quality accommodation as well as a mix of attractions, retail, F&B and entertainment offerings – all with an emphasis on technology, ‘edutainment’ and sustainability. It should complement existing nearby attractions such as the Jurong Lake Gardens and the new Science Centre, and will be well-integrated with the entire Jurong Lake District through a seamless network of pedestrian-friendly streets and well-designed public spaces.

“While we refresh and rejuvenate existing tourism offerings, we must also create opportunities for investments in new tourism products. The launch of this RFP signals our intent to press ahead with our medium-term plans, so that we can build better for the future,” said Keith Tan, chief executive of Singapore Tourism Board.

According to STB, under the modified concept and price revenue tender approach, investors are required to submit their concept proposals and tender prices separately. The tender will be open for seven months, and the closing date for the submission of proposals is 18 October 2022.

Companies that indicated their interest during an expression of interest (EOI) exercise for the site in 2019 will also be invited to participate in the tender, said STB. Upon the tender award, the entire site will be leased to the successful developer for 60 years.

For more information on the RFP process and the submission of proposals, please visit or contact

Jurong Lake District to become ‘world-class sustainability district’

Spanning 410 ha, Singapore’s Jurong Lake District (JLD) has four main precincts: Jurong Gateway, the existing commercial node around Jurong East MRT station; Lakeside East, a new mixed-use precinct around the future Cross-Island Line station; Lakeside West, a complementary leisure and recreational precinct surrounding Jurong Lake Gardens; and the International Business Park, which will be rejuvenated with more mixed uses in the coming years.

The district offers quality office spaces, attractive homes, and ancillary retail and F&B amenities to serve businesses, workers, visitors and the local community, revealed STB. Family-friendly attractions, and recreational, hotel and entertainment uses will be added to complement the Jurong Lake Gardens. When fully developed, JLD is expected to provide more than 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new homes.

Plans are also in place to develop JLD as a major transport hub that connects existing and future rail lines, together with a comprehensive intra- and inter-district bus network that will link the district to surrounding estates. By the early 2030s, four major rail lines (North-South, East-West Line, and the upcoming Jurong Region Line and Cross-Island Line) will serve Jurong Lake District, improving its connectivity to the rest of the island and bringing jobs closer to homes.

STB further explained that to ensure seamless first and last mile connectivity, an extensive network of park connectors, walking and cycling paths will be built to make travelling in and out of the district convenient and enjoyable, reducing the reliance on cars. With over 120 ha of greenfield land available for development and more than 200 ha of land dedicated to greenery and waterbody in JLD, the district is also envisaged to be a world-class sustainability district.

All new developments in JLD will adopt high sustainability targets and initiatives that would benefit the health and wellbeing of residents, visitors and workers, added STB. Land preparation and infrastructure works in the district will begin in the near term to support future developments and to progressively transform the area into a major business district.

All images and video: Singapore Tourism Board