MyCrane Selector tool goes live, available to lifting industry at no cost

The new ‘MyCrane Selector’ tool is now live at It is available to the lifting industry at no cost.

This universally accessible crane selection tool allows users to quickly and easily identify the ideal crane for their lift, as well as the crane’s capacity and optimum configuration. It is the latest innovation from Dubai-based MyCrane, a digital disruptor in the cranes and construction space.

Following extensive development and testing, the Selector tool is already loaded with technical data about crawler cranes and mobile cranes manufactured by Liebherr, Demag/Tadano, XCMG, Sany and Grove. Further cranes and manufacturers are being added on a continuous basis.

After inputting the radius, the height of the lift and the dimensions and weight of their cargo, clients can use the Selector tool to find the perfect equipment. They can then visit the procurement portal to search for the crane they need.

The MyCrane team can also help if further engineering support is required, connecting clients with appropriate suppliers.

“Our mission is to innovate in order to make life easier for all those involved in the lifting industry, which is why we are introducing new tools such as this,” said Andrei Geikalo, CEO of MyCrane.

“Before any client can proceed with a lifting project, he/she first needs to determine which capacity crane should be used,” explained Mr Geikalo. “By integrating official crane manufacturer charts, which detail the capacity of the crane in certain configurations, our Selector tool is able to identify the right equipment while also taking the customer’s cargo into consideration, and the position of the crane.

“Just as we have done with our digital crane rental tool, we have improved the work process for the customer. No longer do engineers at construction and lifting companies have to refer to physical crane charts to manually calculate the right crane configuration. Now, they can simply access MyCrane to find the right crane for the task – and for free.”

Global manufacturers who wish to share their crane charts for future integration on the MyCrane Selector tool are invited to make contact via:

With MyCrane, customers can simply and quickly request a crawler, mobile or tower crane without having to rely on manual processes, such as calling suppliers or making multiple offline requests.

The service, operated in countries around the world by a network of local franchisees (with support from MyCrane’s head office team in Dubai), offers cranes with a capacity of between 6 and 750 t. Enquiries are welcomed from entrepreneurs who are interested in operating the service in their home markets.

Besides the lifting services search, MyCrane features a number of other tools for the crane industry, including a Marketplace to advertise used equipment, rigging equipment, spare parts and auxiliaries, plus industry vacancies.

Consultancy services, such as engineering for heavy lift projects, are offered on a truly independent basis, meaning clients are presented with a full range of solutions and service providers from the whole of the market, and the most cost-effective solution.