Dingli BT2615ERTGS electric glass attachment boom lift

Dingli recently launched a new electric glass attachment boom lift, the BT2615ERTGS. It is powered by 80-V, 520-Ah maintenance-free high-capacity lithium battery pack with quick charging of 1.5 hours.

The BT2615ERTGS has a maximum suction capacity of 1,500 kg and maximum lifting height of 26.02 m. The machine is equipped with eight independent suction pads without pipelines, and can be operated with a wireless remote control.

According to Dingli, the BT2615ERTGS was developed based on the previous (engine-powered) model, the BT26RTGS. They feature the same boom frame design. “The swivel angle of the snatch mechanism has been upgraded from +/-90° to 360° continuously, making work safer and more convenient," added the company.

The other electric model, the BT2612ERTGS, was introduced earlier. It offers a maximum suction capacity of 1,200 kg. Dingli said this machine can handle 13 large, heavy glass panels per day on average, with a maximum of 16 panels.

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