Crane rental goes digital; franchises available in Asia

A new digital platform, MyCrane, has been launched to simplify the process of crane rental procurement. It allows users to submit details of their lifting requirements in order to receive personalised quotes from a range of registered crane providers. Available globally, this B2B platform also offers a number of other tools for the crane industry, including a Marketplace and support services such as engineering and legal consultancy.

Simpler way of procuring crane services

The new platform ( has been developed by entrepreneur and industry professional Andrei Geikalo, a former commercial director at heavy lift specialist Mammoet. Registration is free for both users and equipment rental companies.

“MyCrane was born out of the desire to change the existing outdated and inconvenient methods of procuring crane services, and to make life easier for those who require lifting services,” explained Mr Geikalo.

“At present, crane rental is a manual, old-fashioned process that takes far too much time. In launching the service, we have combined the latest digital technology with our long industry experience. I have personally been involved in countless heavy cargo and lifting projects, so I know only too well how useful our service will prove to be.

“With MyCrane, there are no more phone calls or unclear quotations to decipher – just easy-to-understand quotes delivered direct to your inbox. And when you need to change your quote, simply amend your online request at the MyCrane website and our equipment providers will be back in touch.”

MyCrane, which took over two years to develop, removes the need for users to contact multiple equipment providers. Instead, users are requested to complete an online request form which has been carefully designed to ensure they receive directly comparable quotations.

The platform is suitable for cranes between 6- and 750-tonnes capacity. Crawler, mobile and tower cranes can all be requested on the site. The team is also working on adding new crane types, such as fast assemble tower cranes, gantry cranes, mini cranes and others.

Besides the lifting services search, there is an online Marketplace to advertise used equipment, rigging equipment, spare parts and auxiliaries, plus career vacancies, while a news portal will allow users to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. Additional supports include engineering and design services as well as legal consultancy.

The support services, such as engineering for heavy lift projects, are offered on a truly independent basis, meaning clients are presented with a full range of solutions, service providers from the whole of the market, and the most cost-effective solution.

“We believe MyCrane will set a new standard for the lifting business - making crane rental easier, quicker and more transparent,” said Mr Geikalo.

The MyCrane service, which is headquartered in Dubai, UAE (company name MyCrane DMCC), operates on a franchise model, and enquiries are welcomed from industry professionals who may be interested in operating the MyCrane service in their home country.

Choosing the right cranes with MyCrane Selector

MyCrane has recently commenced the testing of a new, universally accessible crane selection tool which will be offered to the lifting industry at no cost. It is expected to go live in the first half of 2022.

The ‘MyCrane Selector’ tool will allow users to quickly and easily identify what crane should be used, as well as the crane’s capacity and optimum configuration. It will “simplify the life of all those involved in the lifting industry,” highlighted Mr Geikalo.

“The lifting of any cargo begins with defining the right crane and its configuration, based on the cargo characteristics and the position of the crane. Each crane has a manufacturer’s crane chart which indicates the capacity of the crane in certain configurations, allowing the user to determine the length of the main boom, the length of the jib, the weight of the ballast and super-lift.

“Engineers at construction and lifting companies often have to make use of these charts and search for the right crane configuration manually, which is why a digital solution will prove to be so useful.”

Mr Geikalo continued, “Our users simply need to insert the radius, the height of the lift, the dimensions and weight of the cargo, and they will get the right crane for their lift. MyCrane can also help if further engineering and method statements are required.

“We know that some companies are already using such a tool for their internal use, while others even charge for it, however we believe that this tool should be available for everybody in the lifting industry as a free cloud solution.”

Following the testing phase of the MyCrane Selector, the next step will be to integrate the lifting charts of as many cranes as possible into the system, so that clients around the world can choose the right cranes for their needs.

MyCrane therefore wishes to invite global crane manufacturers for cooperation by sharing their database of crane charts, both for those manufactured earlier and newly-built cranes.

Franchisees in Asia and UAE

A new, exclusive pan-India franchisee has been appointed by MyCrane. The agreement for this partnership was signed at Expo 2020, currently taking place in Dubai.

The MyCrane service in India will be operated by Mumbai-based Sahil Freight Express Pvt Ltd. Established in 1986, the company has extensive experience in the freight and logistics sector.

As an exclusive distributor for Scheuerle in the past, Sahil was responsible for introducing the manufacturer’s globally-renowned SPMTs, modular platform trailers and semi-trailers to the Indian market. In addition, Sahil has handled a number of heavy lift projects, and was the pioneer in establishing the concept of NVOCC/ LCL (less-than-container-load) consolidation as a service provided by freight forwarders in India.

Mr Geikalo said, “India has one of the fastest digitising economies in the world, as well as a very positive outlook for the Indian cranes and construction sector, so we are delighted to be opening the MyCrane service in the country.

“In Sahil Freight, we have the right partners who have a proven track record of introducing new products and services to the market. I have no doubt MyCrane will be a big success in India.”

The crane market in India is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. The ongoing expansion of roads and metro railways, plus the routine maintenance and upgrading of oil refineries, cement and power plants, are all driving demand for cranes.

Suhail Shaikh, chairman and managing director of Sahil Freight Express Pvt Ltd, pointed out that “while the crane market is expected to be very strong in the coming years, it remains a fact that the majority of the rental equipment market in India is dominated by smaller, informal players.

“MyCrane therefore has a huge opportunity to make life easier for those seeking crane rental services, by connecting them with a wide range of reliable equipment providers who have been thoroughly vetted by our team. We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to getting to work in the Indian market.”

Last year, MyCrane appointed four other franchisees. These appointments were confirmed at The Big 5 construction trade show in Dubai, which was held in September 2021. It marked the launch of MyCrane operations in the key markets of the UAE, Oman, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and the opening of MyCrane offices in Dubai, Muscat, Nur-Sultan and Tashkent.

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