FiCO PanU and Novaland partner on Vietnam’s Aqua City project

FiCO Pan-United Concrete Joint Stock Company (FiCO PanU), a subsidiary of Singapore’s Pan-United Corporation Ltd, has signed a 2022-2024 cooperation agreement with Vietnam’s Novaland Group to provide sustainable concrete solutions for the Aqua City project.

Under the agreement, FiCO PanU will set up two onsite batching plants at the site of Aqua City, a large-scale smart eco-urban integrated development in Dong Nai province undertaken by Novaland, by 2022. Collectively, the two plants will supply about 700,000 cu m of ready-mix concrete to the Aqua City project over a two-and-a-half-year period. FiCO PanU has commissioned the first plant in December 2021.

Located in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, the Aqua City project comprises residential units and high-end amenities such as schools, hospitals, a sports complex, and a shopping and entertainment complex, among others.

The convenient location of the batching plants onsite will facilitate the efficient and timely supply of concrete. This will also minimise fuel, energy and water use across the project operations and reduce embodied carbon emissions associated with the delivery of raw materials. Additionally, it allows the construction site to benefit from a continuous supply of concrete and ensures the efficient progress of the project, to meet project completion deadlines.

FiCO PanU will develop high-quality concrete and high-performance low-carbon mortar using its PanU CarbonCure carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) technologies over the above-mentioned period, first, for the Aqua City integrated development, and subsequently, for other Novaland developments.

Steven Loh, general director of FiCO PanU, said, “The cooperation agreement attests to the strong and longstanding relationship we have built with Novaland. We look forward to playing a meaningful role in the development of the iconic Aqua City and to fulfilling our commitments to Novaland developments in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai.

“This partnership also highlights our shared commitment towards sustainable building development needs for the Vietnamese market and our contributions to the achievement of Vietnam’s stated goal of net-zero carbon emissions in 2050.”

FiCO PanU and Novaland have an established working relationship spanning more than 10 years. FiCO PanU has supplied ready-mix concrete required for foundation uses to building constructions for diverse Novaland projects across Ho Chi Minh City in Districts 1, 2, 4 and 7, as well as in Phu Nhuan, Tan Binh and Go Vap.

Image: Novaland Group