Sunward low-mast rotary drilling rig for Singapore market

JP Nelson offers the Sunward SWDM320HL low-mast rotary drilling rig for customers in Singapore. The machine has a maximum drilling diameter of 2,500 mm and maximum drilling depth of 43 m.

“The advantage of low-mast rotary drilling rigs is that they have a flexible and versatile multi-sectional combination drilling mast to meet different height requirements,” explained JP Nelson. “The Sunward SWDM320HL fulfils the demand from local customers for low-headroom rigs, especially contractors who have to carry out their work under a rail (MRT) track, given the height limitation of 16 m on the job site.” 

The SWDM320HL delivers a maximum torque of 328 kNm, and it can be equipped with multi-sectional drilling rods for use in various geological conditions. “The machine also has a large-diameter drum for single-layer winding of steel wire rope, increasing its service life by 50%,” added JP Nelson.

The main winch provides a maximum lifting force of 320 kN and maximum lifting speed of 80 m/min. With a large-flow pump valve, the main winch can be lifted and lowered easily.

The hydraulic system features a load sensing technology as well as a power control technology that offers ‘total power’ and ‘limited power’, resulting in better efficiency and saving more energy for the machine.

In addition, the SWDM320HL can be operated with a wireless remote control to ensure greater safety. The drilling mast is made of high-strength steel with a lightweight design, and the telescopic chassis is built for high durability and stability. 

JP Nelson recently delivered one unit of SWDM320HL for use in the construction of Singapore’s Jurong Region Line MRT project. Due to stringent safety requirements on the job site, the contractor needed a low-headroom rig and thus it deployed the Sunward SWDM320HL with a height of up to 15 m.

JP Nelson is a distributor of Sunward drilling rigs in Singapore. Sunward Intelligent Equipment manufactures a wide range of low-headroom drilling rigs, including the SWDM160HL, SWDM220HL, SWDM300HL, SWDM320HL, SWDMM410L, SWDM420L, SWDM450L and SWDM550HL.