Chun Wo awarded HK’s first concrete MiC private residential project

Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited has secured a contract from Hong Kong’s Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to build the superstructure of the Ash Street Development Project in Tai Kok Tsui. With the application of the concrete MiC (modular integrated construction) method, it is set to become Hong Kong’s first private residential project using this innovative construction technology, according to Chun Wo in its statement.

In recent years, the Hong Kong government has been actively promoting the application of MiC in public and private developments (in Singapore, this method is commonly known as prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction, or PPVC in short).

“By adopting the concept of ‘factory assembly followed by on-site installation’, site construction processes of residential units are moved to a controlled factory environment, achieving better quality control,” explained Chun Wo. “In addition, the MiC method enables shortening of construction time as both the site formation and foundation works, and the production of integrated modules can be carried out concurrently.

“The prefabricated modules, finished with most household fittings including pipeworks, kitchen cabinets, sanitary wares, windows, floor and wall finishes, will be completed in a factory, before being transported to construction site for installation. Such construction procedures enable the contractor to minimise on-site construction processes, thereby enhancing site safety and reducing any adverse impact that may cause on surrounding environment.”

The Ash Street Development Project covers a site area of about 417 sq m. It will provide a total domestic gross floor area of about 3,130 sq m with 69 residential units. The foundation works commenced in October 2020 and the project is expected to complete in the fourth quarter of 2023.

“The URA commits to adopting innovative technologies in its construction projects, aiming to establish an exemplary model to bolster confidence among the construction industry in the application of MiC,” said Ir Wai Chi-sing, managing director of URA.

“After careful consideration, we chose to adopt MiC in this relatively smaller-scale private residential and self-development project as a pilot. The URA will review every aspect ranging from construction planning, construction methods, the concerned statutory processes and market response in light of experience during the course of implementation for the industry’s reference.”

Ir Wai continued, “I look forward to working with Chun Wo Construction in promoting the application of innovative technologies in building construction projects. I am delighted to know that Chun Wo Construction has devoted additional resources in transforming its research and development outcomes into practical solutions as approved by the government in the project. This endeavour will drive innovation and transformation in the construction industry, building up Hong Kong as a sustainable and smart city.”

Compared with the steel MiC modules mainly used in Hong Kong, the project will adopt the ‘MiC wall connection technology’ of concrete MiC developed by Chun Wo and the P&T Group. “Such technology enables the reduction of the thickness of the structural wall of a residential unit, thereby increasing its internal usable space and flexibility to suit building layouts,” explained Chun Wo.

“In addition, concrete-built flats are more durable without the need for intensive inspection and maintenance, and are able to fulfil the statutory specifications for fire resistance. These concrete-built flats also excel in insulating against sound and heat, addressing market expectations and demand from the private sector.”

Boyd Merrett, acting CEO of Chun Wo Construction added, “For many years, Chun Wo Construction has been actively engaged in innovative technological research and development in order to transform and improve the efficiency of the construction industry. Winning the URA’s development project, and for the first time applying leading-edge ‘MiC wall connection technology’ of concrete MiC in a local private residential building development project is undoubtedly a significant milestone for the company’s innovative construction technology.

“At the same time, we are very grateful to the URA for its trust in Chun Wo Construction’s years of construction experience and P&T Group’s professional design solutions. Going forward, we will continue to allocate resources to research and development of innovative construction technologies, and promote the innovative development of Hong Kong’s construction industry.”

Images: Chun Wo