Jaso unveils new hydraulic luffing crane, the lJ198HPA

The newly launched lJ198HPA from Spanish manufacturer Jaso is one of the biggest hydraulic luffing cranes on the market, featuring a maximum  load of 18 t. Its fully optimised boom starts at 30 m and can be increased in 5 m increments to a maximum jib length of 55 m.

According to Jaso, this latest model fulfils the need for higher capacity hydraulic luffers in the mid-range segment (200-350 tnm), suitable for urban projects or high-rise construction in congested inner cities. The crane has a maximum tip load of 1.6 t at 55 m, and minimum out of service (OOS) position of 8 m.

The lJ198HPA has been designed for easy and fast set-up by optimising weights and maximising pre-assembly. The complete upper part can be transported using three lorries and for a freestanding crane, just five transport units are needed. 

The hydraulic ram is now preinstalled. It is located at the rear end of the tower – which is one of the main characteristics of Jaso’s design – thus extending the mechanism’s durability. 

All platforms are also preinstalled and foldable. The weights of the components have been optimised and kept to a minimum. The heaviest part is the tower head/slewing table at 12.1 t, but the erection process can be adapted to any job site conditions, said Jaso. The manufacturer added that the component weight can be reduced to as low as 6.8 t.

The lJ198HPA is able to operate in direct pull only with a special slim line hook block giving a 6 t maximum load, and 1.8 t at 55 m. The crane also offers multiple load chart options to combine maximum load and maximise jib length and tip loads in two-part line providing maximum loads of 8 t, 10 t or 12 t. The change can be performed easily on the job site.

The swing radius with concrete or optional steel framed counterweight is 8.2 m. With slim line steel counterweight, this can be reduced to 7.9 m for greater safety. The reduction can be seen in the width of the counterweight, allowing further pre-assembly of counter jib for even quicker set-up and it also enables the crane to get closer to the building.

The J198HPA uses the standard 1.75 x 1.75 m tower system with 12-, 6-, and 3-m-long sections, providing a maximum freestanding height of 38.1 m. To increase it, the crane can fit the 2.16 m tower system and 1.87 m tower for three beam climbing.

For the base, Jaso is offering cruciform types 4.5 x 4.5 m and 6 x 6 m, featuring maximum hook heights of 38.9 m and 44.8 m respectively with 30 m booms.

The hoist winch is integrated into the boom. There are two options available: a 45 kW hoist delivering a maximum speed of 154 m/min, and a 65 kW high-speed hoist with a maximum speed of 227 m/min. The hoist drum can be specified with Lebus grooving. 

The J198HPA comes with the Eco mode system. In normal mode the crane runs on full power, but when switching to Eco mode it uses 75% of the power. The Super Eco mode operates with 50% of the normal power consumption. It allows cranes with a bigger hoist motor to also work on less current. This helps on sites with restricted power supply.

The Eco and Super Eco modes reduce the hoist speed but only when hoisting up. Lowering the hook is at same speed as when working in normal mode.