Comansa 3D tower crane models for BIM systems

Comansa offers 3D models of its tower cranes for the BIM (building information modelling) systems. Users can now illustrate and simulate full construction, maintenance and even demolition processes for all kinds of buildings and infrastructure, and they can also include crane specifications. This leads to improved process optimisation and enhanced productivity.

Thanks to this modelling technology, all types of details can be controlled in terms of geometry, the relationship with the space, geographical information, and quantities and properties of the project’s components (for example, the details of tower crane manufacturers, like Comansa). Thus users are able to estimate costs, plan their work and coordinate logistics tasks.

By integrating the machinery and components used during construction in BIM planning and project management, occupational aspects, maintenance needs and activities sequences before, during and after the project can be defined and controlled. This computer-aided representation based on objects constitutes a substantial change from traditional methods based on vectorial representation.

In addition to the graphic structure, the BIM systems feed off the parametrisation of the crane and its components. As a result, they provide information such as the load diagram, speeds and performance values of lifting, trolley and turning mechanisms, and any other crane-related data that may be necessary and useful to improve productivity. Apart from outlining the structure, the BIM systems simulate the crane’s performance through its life cycle on the project in a graphic environment.