Pascal Minault named chairman and CEO of Bouygues Construction

Global construction company Bouygues Construction has appointed Pascal Minault as its chairman and CEO. He will replace Philippe Bonnave, who joins Bouygues SA to work alongside senior management on construction matters.

Mr Minault joined the Bouygues Group in 1986 and spent the first part of his career at Bouygues Travaux Publics, working on major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and France. In 1998, he joined Entreprises France-Europe, a Bouygues Construction entity comprising construction activities in France (outside the Paris region) and in Western Europe, as director of civil works for Norpac – Bouygues Belgium.

In 2002, Mr Minault became CEO of Bouygues UK in London, where he continued the development of the PPP (public-private partnership) business activity in health, education and housing.

In 2008, Mr Minault was appointed as CEO of Losinger Marazzi, Bouygues Construction’s Swiss subsidiary, where he focused on property development and eco-neighbourhoods. In early 2015, he was named CEO of Bouygues Entreprises France-Europe.

Mr Minault served as chairman of Bouygues Immobilier in 2019 before returning to Bouygues Construction where he has been CEO since 1 July 2021.

Bouygues Construction is active globally, with 58,000 employees in more than 60 countries. The group designs, builds and operates projects in the sectors of building, civil works and energies, and services.