Tadano expands Flex Base system to Demag AC 130-5 all-terrain crane

The five-axle Demag AC 130-5 all-terrain crane now features the stepless variable outrigger system, Flex Base. It offers more flexibility and a competitive edge when working in confined spaces by calculating crane capacity based on each outrigger’s extension point, rather than a fixed position.

As Flex Base enables outriggers to be positioned right up to an obstruction for calculating crane capacity, the system delivers more lifting versatility when working in confined areas, such as crowded construction sites, inside structures or in congested urban areas.

The AC 130-5 is added to the growing list of Tadano all-terrain cranes offering Flex Base, which also includes the AC 45 City, AC 55-3, AC 60-3 and the recently introduced AC 4.080-1 models.

Stepless outrigger positioning works in conjunction with the IC-1 Plus control system. Containing all the lift charts for every crane configuration of the AC 130-5 crane, IC-1 Plus determines lift capacity in real-time, based on outrigger setup, counterweight, superstructure angle, main boom length and telescoping sequence. With Flex Base, no longer are crane capacities calculated from fixed outrigger positions and 360-degree load charts. This delivers maximum possible lift capacities in any outrigger configuration, even asymmetrical. 

Flex Base and IC-1 Plus allow cranes to carry out more lifts from positions that are otherwise unreachable, expanding the range of potential applications. To further increase on-site lifting efficiency, the online IC-1 Lift Plan tool offers lift preplanning, so owners can determine the crane’s exact position and configuration required to perform the lift.

The 130-t Demag AC 130-5 features a compact design, with a total length of only 14.4 m and width of 2.75 m. The all-terrain crane also offers an 86.5-m maximum system length.