Purtop waterproofing systems suitable for various structures

The Purtop range of polyurea membranes from Mapei is designed to protect and waterproof various types of structures. They can be applied by trowel for small areas or spray for larger areas.

The waterproofing membranes form a seamless coating with no breaks or gaps to ensure maximum watertightness. They are fast-reacting, especially those that are spray applied.

No reinforcement is required for the membranes. They do not generate overloads on load-bearing structures, and possess high crack-bridging ability even at low temperatures of up to -20 deg C.

The Purtop range also features good resistance to aggressive chemicals, high mechanical resistance and a tensile strength of more than 20 N/sq mm. The elongation capacity is between 300% and 500%, making the product strong and long lasting.

In addition, these Purtop membranes provide excellent bond adhesion as long as the substrate is sound and prepared correctly. They are also highly versatile, and can be used as part of the flooring system as well as carpark coating system where waterproofing is needed, such as basement carpark or exposed roof carpark.

There are several systems in the Purtop range, providing different levels of strength. All of them comply with the EN 1504 international standards and can be applied on roofs, hydraulic structures, general infrastructures and buildings.

One of them is Purtop 1000, a two-component, spray-applied, solvent-free, pure polyurea membrane that forms waterproof coatings with a tensile strength of more than 20 N/sq mm and tear strength of more than 80 N/mm.

The Purtop 1000 system is suitable for storage tank basins, hydraulic works, roofs and bridge decks. It is also excellent for roof gardens as the membrane is resistant to root penetration (in accordance with the EN 13948 standards). Moreover, it can be used to waterproof water storage tanks for consumption.

Purtop 500 N is a two-component, spray-applied, solvent-free, hybrid polyurea membrane that is well suited for applications on roofs with foot traffic, inverted roofs and roof gardens, balconies, tunnel roof slabs and tunnel side walls, among others. It has a tensile strength of more than 15 N/sq mm and tear strength of more than 65 N/mm.

Another system is Purtop Easy, a one-component, ready-to-use, elastic polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It is easy to apply on horizontal, vertical and sloping surfaces, and can adhere well to numerous types of substrates - concrete, cementitious screeds, ceramics, fibre-cement boards, old bituminous membranes and metal. This system is ideal for waterproofing roofs, terraces, balconies, walkways and pedestrian areas in general.