Comansa 21CM335 crane towering over Hangzhou

The 196-m-high Huaye information software industrialisation base is currently under construction in the city of Hangzhou, China. This 43-storey office building, slated for completion in August 2021, will be a new addition to the skyline of Hangzhou high-tech industry zone. Contractor on the project is Zhejiang Zhongnan Construction Group.

Here, an 18-t version of 21CM335 tower crane from Spanish manufacturer Comansa was chosen to help deliver the project. This flat-top model has been upgraded to a maximum capacity of 20 t, providing a tip load capacity of 2,700 kg or 2,970 kg with PowerLift.

According to the manufacturer, the 21CM335 is one of its most popular crane models thanks to a wide range of mechanisms, which allows the unit to work at high speeds and on very tall projects.

Comansa’s China factory supplied the crane to the project, and also provides maintenance and servicing. “Due to the high construction difficulty and tight construction period, the contractor selected the 20-t 21CM335 as the core equipment of the project,” explained Comansa.

The 21CM335 has been working on site for the past two years. The external climbing system was used to mount the crane, which has a tower height of 210 m with a 74-m reach radius.

Comansa, which also has a headquarters in China, offers a variety of options beyond the standard lifting mechanisms. These include the ultra-high lifting cable capacity drums that enable the crane to work at high speeds and on very tall projects, such as this new skyscraper. In this project, a 50-kW mechanism was used, with 790 m of cable capacity.