Pro line: Generac Mobile offers ‘all-in-one’ lighting tower solution

Generac Mobile offers its single, multi-purpose lighting tower solution with the introduction of ‘Pro’ technology. It enables users to have one product equipped with several functions – diesel, solar, battery, and hybrid.

The lighting towers with Pro technology feature an ‘all-in-one’ power system, allowing operators to choose their preferred working cycle from a number of options: diesel powered (power supply from integrated diesel generator); battery powered (power supply from integrated/rechargeable battery pack); hybrid system (it alternates battery working cycles with diesel recharging cycles, in automatic); and plug-in (plug the Pro unit into an external power source and it’s ready to work while charging batteries).

The operators can choose their desired working cycle via a simple switch on the control panel, and the digital controller will adapt the equipment to the selected option.

The Generac Mobile Pro models also incorporate some innovative features for charging the battery pack using external sources. These include: a solar panel kit (a portable and stackable stand-alone kit for green recharging of Pro units); battery pack (easy-to-use external battery pack that allows up to 40 hours of operation without carbon/noise emissions); and other external power sources (connect the Pro unit to any electrical source – such as generator or main – to use and recharge the lighting tower at the same time).

The solar panel kit and battery pack are provided as options, both of which are manufactured by Generac Mobile.

In addition, the Pro models are fitted with a darkness sensor and digital timer as standard. The lighting towers also have a dimmer to adjust the LED light power from 25% to 100%, so operators are able to alter the illumination and, consequently, the total running time of the unit.

V20 Pro and Cube Pro

Generac Mobile has enhanced its V20 and Cube+ lighting towers with Pro Technology. The new versions are named V20 Pro and Cube Pro.

Thanks to the alternative power supplies and adjustable light power, the new V20 Pro lighting tower can operate in any application field, from simple construction sites to urban areas where the use of equipment that does not produce polluting gases or noise emissions is mandatory. This model has a dedicated new trailer, which features a redesigned retractable drawbar, helping to optimise transportation costs.

The Cube Pro lighting tower can be deployed in an even more environment-friendly way, said Generac Mobile. In combination with the external battery pack, this model is able to guarantee uninterrupted lighting for long hours in absolute quietness and with zero carbon emissions.

Another advantage of the Cube Pro model is its size, which remains identical to that of the traditional Cube+. Therefore, as many as 20 Cube Pro units can be transported on a lorry, ready to use. This is not only cost saving but also more environment-friendly, reducing CO2 emissions from transport and logistics.

The V20 Pro and Cube Pro lighting towers are already available on the market, as of June 2021. Generac Mobile plans to turn to other Pro models in its range by the end of 2021, starting with the Hydro Power Box.