Ammann rollers provide compaction force on Taiwanese highway

Yong Li Asphalt Industry Corp Ltd recently carried out milling, paving and compaction work on the Provincial Highway 1 in Taoyuan, a municipality in northwestern Taiwan. The company opted for two Ammann ARX 110 heavy tandem rollers to handle the compaction job.

“Two compactors were used in order to speed up the process,” said Kuo Chin Hung, owner of the business. The machines have an operating weight of 10,310 kg, maximum weight of 11,750 kg and drum width of 1,680 mm. They are powered by a Deutz 74.4 kW engine that meets the EU Stage IIIA / US EPA Tier 3 emission standards.

The six-month project was demanding, with heavy traffic in neighbouring lanes a constant challenge and tight deadlines. “There was minimal time allowed for milling and paving,” Kuo said. “There was precise time control.”

The project started with milling of about 10,000 t. A paver then placed a base layer of 5 cm, followed by compaction with the Ammann rollers. The machines, in vibratory mode, made about six passes on the thick base layer. Temperatures were closely monitored.

Due to a demanding schedule, the paver moved at a brisk pace and therefore the speed of the rollers had to be fast as well. Next came a surface layer, with a depth of 1.8 cm and aggregate size of less than 0.8 cm. About 4,000 t of mix were placed.

“We will use the rollers again on highway projects,” Kuo said. The ARX 110s were simple to use and well-liked by operators, plus their amplitude and vibration were easy to adjust. “Visibility was good, too – this is an open platform roller.”