Cat GC-series hammers expanded with new models

Cat GC-series hydraulic hammers have been expanded to include the H160GC and H180GC models, in addition to the existing H110GC, H115GC, H120GC, H130GC and H140GC. They are designed for high production in a wide range of demanding applications – such as quarry, road construction, demolition and general construction – while keeping the user’s owning and operating costs at a minimum. 

The GC-series has a simple design that ensures reliability, long-term durability, ease of use and ease of maintenance. Ideal for hydraulic excavator carriers weighing 11 to 52 t, each hammer is tested per the ISO quality control system before customer delivery to guarantee optimum quality. 

Whilst the H110GC, H115GC, H120GC, H130GC and H140GC have the same features, the H160GC and H180GC come with additional features of standard automatic shut-off and auto lube option. Major components of the hammers (cylinder, back head, front head, piston and tool) are manufactured with high-quality materials and processes. 

The housings are fitted with bottom reinforcement plates that protect against breakage and wear. The high-pressure accumulator is field-serviceable, protects the carrier’s hydraulic system by absorbing pulsation spikes created during the firing stroke, and is also sized to provide optimum breaking power and to absorb piston-recoil shock for improved tie-rod life.

The long piston transfers long shock wave into material. The piston diameters are matched for maximum energy transfer, and the piston’s design and surface finish provide superior oil retention and seal life.

The oil-control valve is the outer type, allowing easy setting, reduced pulsation and low maintenance costs. The side rod (though bolt) is specially heat treated for durability, and the side-rod nut is protected from thread damage. 

The stroke-control valve allows adjusting for primary or secondary breaking chores and for breaking different material hardness more effectively .

Additionally, the full-length side plate enables easy access to service points, including tool and bushings, with the lower tool-bushing replaceable in the field. Easily accessible pressure check point allows quick monitoring of the hammer’s operating condition.

Tool-type options for the hammers include moil, pyramidal, chisel and blunt. This selection allows effectively adapting the hammer to an extensive range of applications, which might include secondary breaking of blasted rock in quarries and mines, trenching in tunnels, breaking refractory linings in steel-making furnaces, concrete demolition, rock excavation for foundations, breaking frozen ground, and separating rebar from concrete for recycling.

The design, features and construction of the GC-series hammers combine to deliver optimum life-cycle value for the user’s investment. All units are available with Cat standard warranty (one year unlimited hours) and Cat dealer support.