Hyundai E&C develops inter-floor noise reduction system

Hyundai Engineering & Construction (E&C) has developed a high-performance floor structure system, called ‘H Silent Home System I’, and obtained an on-site certification of the floor impact sound blocking structure for the first time in Korea.

The H Silent Home System I incorporates high-performance buffer materials (composite high-end materials), designed to reduce noise and maximise shock absorption. It adjusts the natural frequency of vibration of the floor system to block the transmission of low-frequency shock vibration, thereby effectively reducing inter-floor noise, especially the heavy-weight impact sound.

This special high-tech buffer material, jointly developed by Hyundai E&C and a partner company specialising in floor impact sound insulation, recently received a patent registration.

“Inter-floor noise is usually measured, tested and certified in laboratories, which often differ in performance from actual sites,” explained Hyundai E&C. “Our H Silent Home System I was the first in the construction industry to be recognised for its reliability by receiving a certification from sites, rather than a laboratory, with its inter-floor noise reduction performance validated by a certifying body.”

The new H Silent Home System I is suitable for use in residential projects. Hyundai E&C plans to select a pilot site from the second half of this year in which the H Silent Home System I can be applied.

Hyundai E&C is committed to conducting studies on inter-floor reduction technologies. Since May last year, the company has set up a team of experts in various fields, including noise/vibration, structures, materials, quality and purchase, to develop a new floor structure system.

The company is seeking additional technology development through internal research and with external partners and continues to solve inter-floor noise problems through open R&D, such as holding a noise reduction technology contest and introducing technologies in other fields.

An official from Hyundai E&C said, “Based on the latest innovative technology, we will continue to work to solve the social issue of inter-floor noise and realise the best residential value.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai E&C is continuing its investments in R&D and development of other technologies, including prevention of stack effect, wind tunnel experiments, and reduction of condensation, in addition to inter-floor noise reduction systems.

Photos: Hyundai E&C