Volvo excavators ensure productivity on Malaysian residential projects

Malaysian contractor Dofort Earthworks is using Volvo machines to carry out its latest residential construction jobs, the Bandar Meridin East and Jalan Kong Kong developments, in Pasir Gudang, Johor.

“We work our excavators hard over long shifts, so it is important we can rely on them and the aftermarket support of our dealer to get the job done and with low operating costs,” said Alvin Lee, director of Dofort Earthworks. “I chose Volvo because it is a world-renowned brand with proven superior fuel performance, reliability and responsive aftermarket support.”

Since February 2020, Dofort Earthworks has deployed a fleet of 11 Volvo excavators – nine of them rented and two of them purchased from the Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) dealership in Johor – to work 10-hour shifts six days a week on the two jobsites. The eight EC350DL excavators and one EC480DL are used primarily for cutting and filling, while the two EC200D models focus on terracing, drainage and other utility work for the developments.

The exceptionally low fuel consumption on the Volvo EC200D, EC350DL and EC480DL was said to be a particular draw for Dofort Earthworks, as such fuel savings help keep the company’s costs at least 10-15% lower than its competitors. The fast cycle times were also important as they enable the company to achieve greater productivity than with other brands.

“Our operators like the powerful digging force and user-friendly operational modes on the Volvo excavators, which, coupled with the comfortable air-conditioned cabin, greatly improve productivity as a whole,” said Mr Lee.

“The Johor Volvo CE aftermarket team has been really supportive and responsive, and I greatly appreciate such support. Volvo CE also assisted us significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic by waiving some of our rental payments, which relieved us of our financial pressure during this challenging period and for which we are very grateful.” 

The 11 Volvo excavators will work on site at the Bandar Meridin East and Jalan Kong Kong developments until August 2021, after which they will move to other projects. Dofort Earthworks has multiple jobs lined up in Desaru and Johor Bahru over the next two years, for which the Volvo machines will also be ideally suited.

“As we are working on both a very tight cost budget and timeline, Volvo reliability and durability greatly minimise downtime, while the Volvo fuel performance generates significant cost savings annually. There is no better partner for our projects!” Mr Lee concluded.