Manitou ‘reaches new heights’ with 280 TJ-X boom lift

Manitou Asia has introduced the 280 TJ-X boom lift – its aerial work platform (AWP) with the highest working height. Powered by a 45-hp engine, the machine is capable of lifting a 350 kg load to a height of up to 28 m.

The 280 TJ-X allows for a continuous turret rotation and working offset of more than 21 m, to facilitate a wide range of movements without having to move the platform. This results in larger working areas, higher operational efficiency and comfort of use for operators.

Featuring a compact four-wheel drive with a lower-than-standard weight, the 280 TJ-X is easy to transport and manoeuvre even at congested construction sites. Its high ground clearance also increases ease of crossing over any terrain, even rough ones occupied by substantial obstacles.

Equipped with a hydraulic step-less engine speed control, the 280 TJ-X is able to operate with reduced noise and fuel consumption. It also offers an unrivalled average total cost of ownership (TCO), giving users the best resale share.

Furthermore, users can use the Manitou TCO Calculator to perform project planning and budget forecasts for AWPs like the 280 TJ-X. According to Manitou, in fast-growing Southeast Asian economies - such as Indonesia - where there is a rising awareness of the TCO of machines, operators welcome the calculator’s computational accuracy. By setting varied applications, requirements and parameters, Manitou is able to correctly work out TCO per hour and annual cost based on total fixed costs, total variable costs and total operator costs.

Manitou said that during a joint product presentation of the 280 TJ-X with its dealer in Indonesia, PT Indo Traktor Utama, the customer was amazed at the affordability and value of the machine. Costing as low as S$42.80 (€26.80) per hour, the Manitou 280 TJ-X offers remarkable value to users throughout its project lifecycle.

Images: Manitou Group

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