Gammon wins major contract for HKIA Terminal 2 expansion

Balfour Beatty announced today that its joint venture, Gammon, has secured a four-year HK$12.88 billion contract from the Airport Authority Hong Kong for the expansion of Terminal 2 at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Gammon will be responsible for the expansion of the main Terminal 2 building and construction of interconnecting bridges, mechanical and electrical works as well as associated viaducts and roads.

The expansion of Terminal 2 forms part of the Three-runway System (3RS) project at HKIA, which on completion will allow for both arrivals and departures from one terminal and increase overall passenger capacity.

Leo Quinn, group chief executive of Balfour Beatty said, “This award marks Gammon’s second significant contract for the Airport Authority Hong Kong this year and the largest single contract ever awarded to Gammon.

“Through leveraging wide-ranging engineering expertise and off-site and modular construction approaches, Gammon has secured a material share of the Hong Kong market, which continues to look favourable with significant infrastructure opportunities ahead.”

In the first half of 2020, Gammon won a major tunnel contract at HKIA to deliver tunnels and associated works for an automatic people mover and baggage handling system, also part of the 3RS project.

In a separate statement, Gammon’s chief executive Thomas Ho described the Terminal 2 expansion project as the ideal showcase to demonstrate the company’s capabilities in off-site construction and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).

“Our construction proposal focuses on off-site and modular solutions, especially for electrical and mechanical aspects and many of the internal fit-out elements of the main building such as check-in islands, retail shopfronts and link bridges. We’ll also be applying a kit-of-parts approach with a high degree of standardisation to a number of areas,” explained Mr Ho. “These approaches allow us to simplify and reduce complex construction activities and provide a significant reduction in on-site labour requirements, to improve both safety and the logistics of operating in the airport environment.”

Mr Ho added, “We have an exceptionally strong senior management team for the Terminal 2 expansion works contract, which collectively brings more than 60 years’ experience of delivering projects at HKIA. Our understanding of the airport’s systems and procedures combined with our DfMA approach will support timely delivery of these important works. We are also pleased that by maximising off-site solutions we will be able to reduce construction waste, which is a key component of our sustainability strategy.”

According to Gammon, it has long been a proponent of the digitalisation of construction and is expanding its 5G capabilities to support this approach. For the Terminal 2 expansion project, a number of in-house digital innovations will be used including an off-site fabrication monitoring solution, concrete management system, and sensors that track plant behaviour to ensure maximum productivity. The company said the project will employ about 3,000 staff and workers at its peak.

Image: Balfour Beatty/Gammon