Cat 950 GC makes job more efficient for ASAS Bina Enterprise

Malaysian company ASAS Bina Enterprise Sdn Bhd has been using the Cat 950 GC wheel loader to help carry out its work. “We found that it’s compact and suitable for our use,” said Mohamad Haiqal bin Ramli, project manager at the company.

Operating in the construction business industry for 10 years, with 60 employees at four different sites (Teluk Muruh, Lumut Port, Kampung Baru, and Teluk Senangin), Mr Ramli said that Cat machines “are more efficient and have lower maintenance compared with other brands, which brings us higher profits. In total, we currently own 20 heavy equipment, and four of these are from Caterpillar. We were planning and finally decided to buy the Cat 950 GC.”

The Cat 950 GC wheel loader allows customers to achieve greater productivity and do more with less fuel. The Z-bar linkage geometry with performance series buckets offer excellent penetration into the pile and high breakout forces. Combined with best-in-class standard dump clearance, this leads to low fuel consumption and exceptional production capabilities.

The load sensing pilot hydraulic system produces flow and pressure for the implement system only when needed, improving machine productivity and resulting in lower fuel consumption. The electronically controlled, hydraulically driven variable speed fan adjusts to meet the varying cooling requirements of the machine. This results in a reduced average fan speed, lowering fuel consumption, noise levels and radiator plugging.

“It is very good in terms of safety, handling and cabin comfort. It is very easy to maintain, just greasing every day is needed,” said Syarifuddin, the wheel loader operator.

The Cat 950 GC has ladders on both sides of the machine for easy access to the platforms, and the platforms are equipped with guard and handrails for safe access to the cab. The spacious cab features easy, intuitive controls and excellent visibility, which provides a comfortable working environment for efficient all-day operation. The extended windows are wide, flat, and distortion-free front windshield and spot mirrors offer unmatched visibility.

Maintenance is also simple for the Cat 950 GC. Grease fittings for hard-to-reach components are grouped conveniently and at ground level for easy and quick preventive lubrication. Hydraulic and electrical service centres provide convenient access to numerous maintenance and service points, enhancing convenience for operators and service technicians.

The Cat 950 GC also comes with Fuel Guarantee and Customer Value Agreement (CVA) services. As part of hassle-free ownership, Caterpillar offers a single monthly payment for maintenance along with machine at point of sale, providing one monthly payment for all customer needs with Cat Financial.

For hassle-free maintenance, Cat genuine parts and fluids would be delivered on time (as per recommended service interval) at the customer’s location of choice. Dealers would also customise additional service modules, operator training modules and safety modules to develop a hassle-free maintenance environment for the customer’s machine.

As part of security of expert dealer support, one constant that customers would always get with the CVA offering is a two-year extended protection plan (EPP). For peace of mind from equipment health management, it features easy access to asset information via machine alerts and the Cat app. TA1 inspections and fluid health and asset monitoring would be a mandatory portion of the customer’s CVA to help them provide all the information and recommendation on the machine and performance.

Caterpillar added that Fuel Consumption Guarantee is also offered on the Cat 950 GC. If the machine burns more than the fuel consumption threshold on an average, the company will pay back the additional fuel cost.