Doka’s digital solutions to enhance productivity on jobsites

Several of Doka’s digital solutions were recently presented at Conexpo 2020, aimed to boost productivity on construction sites. The company offers services ranging from the planning phase to building operations and analysis of construction workflows.

DokaXact is a wireless interactive sensor-based system that enables high-level accuracy in positioning wall formwork elements for vertical structures, such as high-rise concrete cores. DokaXact is used with climbing systems and allows construction site crews to quickly and precisely plumb and align wall formwork. It delivers accurate positioning with labour efficiency by reducing the amount of time needed and up to a 75% saving in surveying services, said Doka. It consists of a centralised processing unit that communicates wirelessly with multiple sensors and the DokaXact app.

Doka’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) creates integrated formwork concepts on a virtual site, which boosts productivity on the jobsite and improves planning and reliability. In the near future, virtual construction is expected to become a standard tool and the physical jobsite will be more highly networked and automated.

Compared to traditional workflows, virtual design and construction (VDC)/BIM offers even closer matching of formwork solutions to a building’s construction process, which contributes significantly to the success of the overall construction project with seamless and smooth collaboration. The VDC/BIM method allow processes to flow smoother through material management, with logistics solutions for formwork planning, model analysis and quality check.

In addition, the Doka Augmented Reality (DokaAR) and Virtual Reality (DokaVR) applications enriches 2D drawings with 3D models. The DokaAR app transforms Doka’s drawings into 3D AR models assisting with onsite assembly and setup of solutions. It also allows users to be teleported to a Doka jobsite to see the numerous innovative solutions in action, which alleviates errors. Both DokaAR and DokaVR apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Another highlight from Doka is the Concremote, a concrete monitoring system with digital sensors to measure the cast in-place concrete maturity (temperature × time) gradient. Using this data, the device calculates early-age strength. Concremote saves time, increases safety, enhances concrete quality and reduces costs.

Doka’s Remote Instructor is a real-time collaboration software solution that can help answer formwork-related questions on the jobsite. It uses smart video-compatible with any mobile device to provide field support. Questions can be answered immediately on the jobsite with Remote Instructor, eliminating downtime when questions occur.

Users can use Remote Instructor in combination with a head-mounted tablet as a handsfree solution, zoom in to focus on details and receive live drawing explanations that appear in their field of vision. There is even live desktop sharing, so remote content can be accessed. Using Remote Instructor results in cost savings, since there are fewer stoppages and faster access to support. Each call, and the solution offered, are documented for future reference.

Doka’s Easy Formwork Planner app makes it easy to plan and order formwork – right from the jobsite. With a swipe of the finger, plans can be created or visualised in 3D. Formwork materials and quantities can be calculated or changed on short notice. There is also an integrated option to generate a piece list and compare it to the inventory in myDoka. With the Easy Formwork Planner, jobsite foremen (and the entire crew) can work independently of engineers and other remote decision-makers.

Doka has its own online shop as well, which provides customers with access to a wide range of Doka and industry products. It can be accessed at any time through all commonly used devices and operating systems. Online shopping has the additional benefits of order tracking and status updates. Plus, customers can still take advantage of existing benefits such as customised pricing, discount scales and master agreements.