Carmix 3500 TC: ‘Smart’ mobile concrete batching plant

The 3500 TC is a flagship model from Carmix. This smart mobile concrete batching plant features an innovative weighing system, Concrete-Mate, which is a mix design manager equipped with the ‘RMC Plant standard level’ management software.

The Concrete-Mate system uses four sensors in the mixing unit, ensuring a high quality concrete mix that complies with international concrete production standards (UNI 206-1, ASTM, ACI, etc) and total control over production costs. Thanks to this system, the Carmix 3500 TC can guarantee maximum control, consistent performance, high quality standards, work certification and worksite cost monitoring.

Carmix relies on continuous design and technological development to offer a complete range of self-loading concrete mixers, off-road mobile concrete batching plants and other tools that enable high quality concrete to be produced and guarantee work efficiency on the jobsite. For example, using the 3500 TC in combination with the Carmix Bagger steel mini-silo enhances machine productivity, thus reducing cement-loading time by up to 50% with zero environmental impact. With such solutions and innovative tools, Carmix said it can guarantee a 20-25% reduction in running costs and project lead times.